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    TCFHE Press Release: "The Simpsons" The Complete Eleventh Season

    I got the "head" version yesterday from Amazon. I didn't like the way it stuck out, but I discovered that you can just peel the head off the box, and then it has the same cover as the non-head version. I didn't like the cardboard sleeve packaging, so I was wondering if the non-head verison had...
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    Defective Discs

    I am so far behind on my DVD watching, by the time I get to something, it is way past the return period. When I started my collection, I didn't check my DVDs until I was ready to watch them. When I started getting a backlog, I came across a DVD that wouldn't play and thankfully, it was in the...
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    Is the Pi DVD in the new Darren Aronofsky boxset anamorphic?

    There is a boxset of Pi and Requiem for a Dream coming out this week, and I haven't heard anyone confirming if it's the same Pi DVD that is already out, or if it's a new anamorphic transfer. Anyone know?
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    UNcontinued and Unreleased tv On dvd....

    Waiting for more: Beavis and Butthead (release the rest of the series!) Crank Yankers Dinosaurs Dream On Fear Factor Joe Schmo Show MXC Mad TV Malcolm in the Middle Project Greenlight Rocky and Bullwinkle Sliders Tom and Jerry (did they stop these?) Upright Citizens Brigade Whose...
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    O.K. Universal, where are the next releases for..

    You can add Dream On to that list We got Seasons 1 & 2 together, then nothing...
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    Porky's Special Edition Oct. 24?

    Porky's Special Edition Has anyone heard anything about this? I wonder if it's better than the Double Feature out now with both Parts 1 & 2. I wonder why Part 2 isn't included in this. Also, where the hell is Porky's Revenge on DVD?
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    Any more Crank Yankers?

    According to, there were 3 seasons
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    Any more Crank Yankers?

    The last wide release was of Season 2, Vol 1 and then Season 2, Vol 2 was a Best Buy exclusive. I can't even get Vol2 because Best Buy has been sold out of them forever. I know the Oblongs was a Best Buy exclusive, but it finally got a wide release, so is there any word of a wide release of...
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    A Few Words About A few words about... The Mel Brooks Collection

    I just got mine from Amazon. Yellow lettering on the spine The disc had no picture on it and it was non-anamorphic I guess I'll have to contact Fox.
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    Death Race 2000 new edition - anamorphic?

    I got it yesterday, and yes, it's anamorphic.
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    Teen Titans box sets

    Didn't Superman Vol 1 have a double sided disc?
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    Looney Tunes Golden Collection Vol 3

    Weren't the movies just a compilation of shorts tied together through a story? If so, it seems to be a waste of money if you are going to get all the shorts on dvd anyway.
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    Region 1 Special Editions I'd really like to see get made.

    Well, I looked and couldn't find any information about a widescreen version not possible. In fact, there is a widescreen version in Region 2. So, MGM needs to get off their ass and make a Child's Play SE!
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    Region 1 Special Editions I'd really like to see get made.

    Ray, that is interesting to hear, and frustrating if true. I'll have to find more information about that.
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    Region 1 Special Editions I'd really like to see get made.

    Child's Play - the only thing keeping me from buying the entire Chucky series is that the first one is only in full-screen! Scream - this needs to be released as the director's cut and anamorphic Just going through my collection, these movies need to be re-released with a 16x9 transfer...