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    Classic TV Westerns

    Alias Smith and Jones is really good! Unfortunately the death of one of its stars changed the whole feel of the show. But definitely worth watching. Episodes appear to be unedited. I’d add Young Maverick and Bret Maverick.
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    Which modern current tv shows do you still buy on dvd?

    The only current show I buy is THE BLACKLIST. Spader USA favorite actor. I d buy the season 4 set that included the only season of THE BLACKLIST: REDEMPTION.
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    Predictions for 2018

    I have been a fortunate collector as most of what I want in terms of older TV have already been released. There isn't a whole lot left on my list left that has not, to my knowledge, been released. That said, I am hoping for: GREEN HORNET ( I was hoping it would come on the heels of the BATMAN...
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    It's About Time...Finally

    I,m glad for those that enjoy this series that it is available to you but, to be honest, I have watched five or six episodes on cable within the past year and just don't find it appealing to me, I have seen both episodes in the past and those in the 'current' time and just don't find it funny...
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    What's the last TV DVD/Blu-ray you bought?

    My most recent purchases, just in the last few weeks, were complete series sets of BARBARY COAST and ALIAS SMITH AND JONES. Both were blind purchases, having never seen either series. I purchased AS&J because or Roy Huggins being executive producer and his ties to MAVERICK. I like the show...
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    Believe It Or Not - Grady Is Coming To DVD!

    I wondered when I saw this release if maybe, just maybe, they're testing the water for a release of SANFORD, Redd Foxx's follow up to the original series. I'm hoping it gets released at some point.
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    Shared Universes on TV

    What cross overs do you recall that tie various tv shows together?? One off the oddest I recall is the cross over between MAGNUM PI and MURDER, SHE WROTE. One more action oriented show meeting a "low action/ no action" show!!
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    A Spinoff of a Spinoff?

    OH, PLEASE make the shared universe thing it's own thread!! Tons to be written about there!!
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    Sequels to classic TV shows

    Among the worst sequels I've seen - Sanford Arms and Tabitha. Both of these just had me wondering "What the hell were they thinking????"
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    Adventures Of Superman DVD Series Collection

    I've had these for a while but never watched them. I recently started watching the series - the origin episodes, I'm sure, were hi-tech for their time but WOW those special effects were painful!!! I've watched about 5 episodes and am really enjoying them! A great nostalgia purchase!!!
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    A Spinoff of a Spinoff?

    More spinoffs of spinoffs. AITF spun off Archie Bunker' s Place which in turn spun off Gloria.
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    Sequels to classic TV shows

    OH and as for the above comment, there are TOTAL differences between spinoffs and sequels/reunions. Spinoff take a character or characters from a show and put them in a new environment with a new supporting cast. Like Frasier from Cheers, Maude from All In The Family, Phyllis from TMTMS...
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    Sequels to classic TV shows

    I have always seen this movie as such a lost opportunity for TMTMS and RHODA fans!!! I always liked both RHODA and PHYLLIS over TMTMS and was really looking forward to this movie when it first aired. Was way disappointed.
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    Sequels to classic TV shows

    In regards to the HONEYMOONERS referenced above, I remember many years ago, late 70s maybe, reading an article that Jacie and Lucy had talked about a sitcom they would produce together in which Lil Ricky married a previously unknown daughter of Ralph and Alice. Then it was planned for Jackie...
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    Sequels to classic TV shows

    I thought the first Gilligan reunion was pretty entertaining. The third was just goofy all around. One of the worst had to be (a tie really) - The Brady Bunch Variety Hour and the last one, The Bradys - the attempt to turn the characters into a drama..