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    Frt P/j ?:Pulldown Screen or Painted Wall?

    I will second the need for a black border. I used a DIY 92" screen, just blackout cloth stretched over a canvas frame, for the first two years I had my projector. This past weekend I upgraded to a 100" Carada. There is improvement in the picture quality when graded against the blackout cloth...
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    NFL fan? Hope you enjoy Madden.

    First of all, let me state up front that I am a "Madden" guy, although I have purchased and enjoyed both EA's and Sega's titles for several years. That said, while this is ultimately bad for the consumer, I don't think it equates to EA being the "Evil Empire" of gaming. After all, one could...
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    Microsoft won't publish "Psychonauts," XSN Sports titles being "rested"

    Which would probably mean a two-year break, since most observers are now predicting that the next generation of consoles won't arrive until 2006.
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    X-Files for the XBox?

    I believe it was cancelled for the Xbox.
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    Microsoft won't publish "Psychonauts," XSN Sports titles being "rested"

    Interesting news from Gamespot: Microsoft apparently has exited an agreement to publish Tim Schaefer's "Psychonauts." I'm disappointed but not surprised, given the lack of recent news (or really, any news) about this title since its announcement. I hope Schaefer pulls it together and finds a...
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    Does XBOX/PS2 Do ***DAMAGE*** to TVs???????????

    A 36" television is almost assuredly a direct-view set. While burn-in is possible on direct-views, you would have to have the same image on-screen for a very long time -- and probably with the contrast up way too high -- for damage to occur. Burn-in is much more of a problem on...
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    Playstation 2 as dvd player?

    It is not really that bad. My launch-day PS2 has performance probably comparable to that of other budget players, but not better than players $300 and up. However, be aware that only newer-model PS2s support progressive-scan playback. The model number must be greater than 50000. Also be...
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    Storage for a decent sized collection

    They are pricey, but I really like Boltz's racks (www.boltz.com). They are simple and expandable -- once you shell out the cash for the initial rack, expansion kits for another few hundred DVDs aren't much more expensive than the standard cheap MDF rack from your average brick-and-mortar. As...
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    Question about signal loss through BNC-to-RCA adapters

    Thanks for the help, guys. Much appreciated. Given that Blue Jeans' cables are so (relatively) cheap, I think I'll pick up one to test the connection between the cable box (1080i) and see if I notice a difference. Given how good the picture is already, I probably won't, but I won't feel terrible...
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    Question about signal loss through BNC-to-RCA adapters

    The setup: I have several component-video sources (HDTV cable box, DVD player, PS2, Xbox, and Gamecube, and occasionally my computer.) To accommodae all these, I bought a used Extron HDTV component-video switcher (six in, one out) off eBay a couple of years ago. The sources are all in close...
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    XSN Price Drops starting Today

    I got NFL Fever 2004 for $15 at my local Target last night. Since I think discounts are to some extent up to local store managers, YMMV.
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    James Bond: Everything or Nothing Xbox Impressions

    Well, one example from "Halo": The targeting reticle slows when you pan over an enemy. In the heat of battle, this is almost imperceptible, but it helps players avoid panning over an enemy they were trying to shoot due to an overly sensitive cursor. I'm sure there are other player aids...
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    Differences in the version of Prince of Persia?

    While it's criminal for PoP's sales to be so far below expectations, I have to agree with BrianB that UbiSoft's decision to release at the height of Christmas season was questionable, at best. There are simply too many established franchise titles being released for more boutique titles such as...
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    EA has poll about online gaming.

    Regardless of the poll, I wish EA would make some of its more esoteric sports titles -- i.e. Cricket -- available in the States. I wouldn't expect EA to try and sell them at brick-and-mortars, but it would be nice to be able to buy them as special orders online or such.
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    HTF Xbox Live Gamertag Compilation

    An update for me (Actinide): Eastern Time Zone State: North Carolina Country: USA Star Wars: Clone Wars Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge Star Wars: Jedi Academy MechAssault Return to Castle Wolfenstein Rainbow Six 3 Ghost Recon Ghost Recon: Island Thunder Unreal Championship...