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    Coming Soon From Olive Films

    Yeah, I've been waiting for this as well.
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    Vote for the next Harryhausen Blu-Ray!

    The Columbia Classics website has a poll up to choose the next Ray Harryhausen title for Blu-Ray. The choices are MYSTERIOUS ISLAND, GOLDEN VOYAGE OF SINBAD or SINBAD AND THE EYE OF THE TIGER: http://www.sonypictures.com/homevideo/columbiaclassics/
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    HERE'S LUCY: SEASON 3 - JUNE 15TH, 2010

    I finally got to see this episode on Hallmark today. Very funny! Though I think the Burton revamp is more charming.
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    HERE'S LUCY: SEASON 3 - JUNE 15TH, 2010

    Roll on Season Four!
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    HERE'S LUCY: SEASON 3 - JUNE 15TH, 2010

    Some of season three really does bring a smile to my face. The Burton episode, the musical extravaganzas (all seven of them!), the Harry-centric episodes (especially the one where Lucy and family convince him that he needs glasses) are prime examples. One of the things that really bother's me...
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    HERE'S LUCY: SEASON 3 - JUNE 15TH, 2010

    You've got to watch the documentary: Lucy Meets the Burtons: A Comedic Gem. It postulates that Lucy knew that she had been working with inferior scripts, and because of this she went to great lengths to secure the services of Madelyn Davis and Bob Carroll Jr. It really is a "warts and all"...
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    HERE'S LUCY: SEASON 3 - JUNE 15TH, 2010

    On a lighter note, Carole Cook's introductions are an absolute riot! You can't give these a miss. Funny, vain, over-the-top, Carole's a true star in these little vignettes.
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    HERE'S LUCY: SEASON 3 - JUNE 15TH, 2010

    Well, it's taken me until season three to realize that Here's Lucy is more variety/sitcom, than traditional laugh-fest! I'm up to episode 13 of the new set and it's almost a dance/sing-a-long sequence every other show. While this can be pleasing, the material wrapped around these musical...
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    HERE'S LUCY: SEASON 3 - JUNE 15TH, 2010

    Season Three is a huge turnaround for the program. The return of writer Madelyn Davis and Bob Carroll Jr. to the Lucy fold improves the series by leaps and bounds. The first two seasons have their chuckle moments, but for the most part it's been like watching paint dry. Lucy Meets the Burtons...
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    Shout Factory to Put Out Roger Corman / New World Titles

    Judging by the new Death Race 2000 press release, it looks like Battle Beyond the Stars will indeed be getting a Blu Ray release! www.shoutfactory.com/press/364/shout_factory_presents_roger_cormans_cult_classi.aspx
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    Donna Summer "CRAYONS" 5/20/08

    NEW YORK, Feb. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Legendary singer songwriter, DONNA SUMMER, is hard at work on her first studio album of all new material in 17 years! Crayons is set to release on May 20, 2008 on Sony BMG Music Entertainment's Burgundy Records. Singer/songwriter/pop culture icon Donna...
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    Dr. Syn: Alias The Scarecrow Coming in August!!!

    I remember hearing that Disney was having trouble finding the original uncut elements, and thats what has delayed the title for so long. I don't know if they were able to restore it to it's original presentation.
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    Blake's 7: Region One?

    It's hard to believe that it's been almost 2 years since this was first mentioned. Has anybody got any news on this?
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    MGM Press Release: The Addams Family Complete GiftSet

    Another great extra would have been: Halloween with the New Addams Family.