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    Sampo or Apex for Akai 27"?

    AD1600? After reading the subject line, I thought for sure you'd say AD5131. Low-end, even many mid-range players, I doubt 95% of people could tell the difference. DVD players have now reached the level of "even the cheap stuff is good." Other than stay away from Oritron, it's hard to make a bad...
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    Direct View TV vs Rear Projection TV

    RPTVs are great. 12 feet is great for just about any size TV under 60". Sounds like a no-brainer to me. An extra 19"... RPTV all the way. Just turn the contrast down and enjoy.
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    More questions about the 27" AKAI @ Sam's...

    It's Samsung quality, so, "good but not the best." Which is perfect for when you don't need the best and want to save some cash. Akai's are definitely rebadged Samsungs because it'll say right in the manual about what the "Samsung warranty" covers.
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    27" HDTV's

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    *** Official "SIGNS" Review Thread

    "Ooo, I'm a big, bad alien who can jump on top of a roof and bust through walls and travel through space and make my ship invisible to the world but I can't get through *a freakin' door*." Ugh. What a clunker of a movie. It would have worked well if it was a) a movie about aliens, or b) a...
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    Run Roadrunner through USB or network card?

    TPS seems to work great for me (for a home PC with cable). You just have to make sure not to be too liberal with the "don't ask me anymore" rules when you permit something. For the most part, even when using file-sharing things and the like, once I permanently denied the random ICMP and UDP...
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    Run Roadrunner through USB or network card?

    Maybe you guys have already heard of the trick... I'm not a computer tech, so maybe it's not big deal. Beats me. He said as long as you can ping the server, you have a good chance of getting past Zone Alarm (depending on what security measures have been set) by using Windows Explorer or Internet...
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    Run Roadrunner through USB or network card?

    I'll ask that guy I mentioned who hacked through Zone Alarm (four different ways I was told) and quote here what he says about it. He and others then went to Black Ice at the time, I think, but reading up on grc.com .... Steve Gibson apparently thinks Black Ice is complete garbage. Anyway...
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    Run Roadrunner through USB or network card?

    May as well ask this... how good do you think the various website security tests are? I'm sure a hacker out there somewhere has the knowledge to do anything he wants if he wanted, but it's like any other kind of thief -- the good ones will steal it no matter what, but most aren't smart enough...
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    Opinions of Samsung Quality?

    Samsung is more of a budget brand than some of the higher-profile names, but you also can save a good bit of cash with a Samsung over a higher-profile brand and not give up much elsewhere. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend a Samsung to most people, and even though I don't know who pulls the...
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    Run Roadrunner through USB or network card?

    Is there actually a noticeable difference in speed between USB and an ethernet card? Safety concerns aside, how much would the speed be affected, if any? I have Roadrunner, hooked up to USB because I had forgotten this motherboard had built-in ethernet, but I didn't have the driver loaded so I...
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    Rear-Wheel drive in Michigan Winters

    I'd still consider it. Once you get around 100k miles, everything is up for grabs anyway whether it might break or not. Used cars can break, no matter the mileage. Maybe something will break, maybe it won't, but $5000 for a '97 Crown Vic that is in great shape other than what the odometer says...
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    Michael Mann's comments in EW about Widescreen Programming

    Then I'd say that you, sir, are a rarity, and a breath of fresh air, and probably one of the few widescreen owners out there who isn't a hypocrite when it comes to OAR preference. :) Anyone can do whatever they want with their TV since it's their TV, but the people who shout, "OAR! OAR!" for...