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    Press Release Columbia Classics 4k Collection (photos)

    I would love to have A Passage to India on UHD.
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    Press Release Columbia Classics 4k Collection (photos)

    I think it is a nice set and I have no objections to any of the titles they have selected. IMO the films they chose represent some of the best they have produced. I'm also happy to see all titles are new to the format and not re-packaged previous releases. I'm hoping there will be a volume II.
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    Press Release Columbia Classics 4k Collection (photos)

    Nice set. Count me in. I cannot wait to see what Volumes 2 & 3 will include. I'm thinking It Happened One Night, Easy Rider, From Here To Eternity, Taxi Driver and The Guns of Navarone will be included. Hopefully Tommy and Das Boot and perhaps The Social Network.
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    Press Release BREAKING NEWS: Paramount Pictures Launches "Paramount Presents" Label

    Doubtful Paramount will dig into the vault too deep for this label. They produced a few titles on Laserdisc back in the day and lost interest very quickly.
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    The Twilight Time News and Info Thread

    They did have interest in it. But were waiting for a new transfer from Sony.
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    The Twilight Time News and Info Thread

    I think it is in bad form for Twilight Time to not make any official announcement that they are not going to continue. Nick would have at least made some kind of statement.
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    Will CLEOPATRA be the best looking film in 4K ?

    Doubtful we will ever see a UHD of this film.
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    The Twilight Time News and Info Thread

    I think they are about to call it a day folks.
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    The Twilight Time News and Info Thread

    They have not formally announced anything. So I would not throw in the towel yet. When the Disney plans to acquire 21st Century Fox was made almost 2 years ago, I remember Nick indicating that TT's timeline of what they had licensed was about 2 years. So it could be they just ran out of...
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    The Twilight Time News and Info Thread

    A posting on Facebook this week someone asked "Do you still have a lot of Fox titles to announce in coming months?" TT replied: "Not at this time." So the real question is if anything will be announced again.
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    The Twilight Time News and Info Thread

    On Facebook they indicated announcement soon when asked earlier this week.
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    Press Release Criterion Press Release: All About Eve (Blu-ray)

    I'm thinking the Fox disc will be OOP at one point (maybe soon) and this will be the version on the market.
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    Press Release Twilight Time August/September Release Announcement (Updated)

    Per another web page. It seems logical this would be the reason. Replication facilities have been closing and it has effected production for everyone. Here are the REVISED Twilight Time release announcements for August and September 2019, courtesy of the Home Theater Forum. THE PRESIDENT'S...
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    Press Release HTF EXCLUSIVE! Twilight Time August 2019 Release Announcements

    The Paper Chase has been confirmed to be with another label. You Were Never Lovelier and Centennial Summer are held up with music rights issues. Fly Away Home was released by Sony a decade ago and Cactus Flower is available now with Mill Creek. Holiday has been confirmed to be coming from...
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    20th Century Fox's CinemaScope films

    Ten North Frederick, The Tall Men and Wild in the Country are coming in July and August. TT seems to be releasing as many Fox titles as they can with 3 each month. In fact, it seems like they are mostly releasing Fox titles. Hardly anything from Sony this year. I'm pretty sure Disney wants...