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    "Space: Above and Beyond" Best Buy exclusive - what's the deal?

    I was totally surprised to see this on the shelf today. Only went to BB to get a printer. I love SAAB, but I had pretty much given up on it ever coming out on DVD. The DVDs look and sound a lot better than the tapes I've got. I really would have liked some commentaties or interviews with M&W...
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    Home Movies S.2...News?!?, Anybody?

    This stealthed its way onto shelves under my radio a few weeks back, but I did pick it up last week. It's a great set. The squiggle vision is gone, which is nice, and some really cool special features. H Jon. Benjamin is MIA from the commentaries and extra, but the Voice of Mellisa, Mellisa...
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    Clone High DVD

    I managed to see them all, and it was a really fantastic show. I'd love some DVDs. Of course a bunch more seasons would have been nice, too.
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    Buffy Season 1: Any Spoilers in Special Features?

    Yeah, the editing got better, but the fight scenes got unnecessarily acrobatic and kinda gimmicky. 3 years of fast HK style fights kinda spoiled me. Buffy cartwheeling into some guy for no apparent reason just seemed lame. Angel's fight scenes, on the other hand, were awesome through the...
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    Buffy Season 1: Any Spoilers in Special Features?

    Well, I'm not sure you could say he was lying, and that got him fired. I was an active member of the Bronze community at the time and all that shit didn't start coming out until AFTER Jeff had been fired. I think it basically came down to some personality conflicts between Jeff and the Star of...
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    Miracles DVD definitely coming!....

    Good deal. I already ordered from Amazon. $34.99 isn't bad considering Best Buy has the price at $43.99!
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    Miracles DVD definitely coming!....

    I couldn't find this anywhere today. Went to Best Buy, Circuit City and Walmart and none of them had gotten it in. Best Buy was at least expecting delivery, but the other two weren't. I was driving around for an hour and a half after work and came up empty. Now I have to order it online!
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    24 Season 4 ongoing thread (Merged)

    My favorite part was how Mr Bean spinal surgery only took an hour!
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    What if a cancelled series continued on in exclusive DVD season sets ?

    Speaking of anime, there is already a classification of direct to video work in Japan for animation refered to as OAVs or OVAs, depending on who you ask. Original Video Animation or Original Video Animation. These are shows generally with higher production values than a television series, but...
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    Arrested Development Season 2 thread

    The shot of the puppet handcuffed on the hood of the limo killed me!
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    What, no mention of Clone Wars Season 2?

    No. The finale was awesome. I was cheering when the mutants all tore off their lazer arms after Anikan's awesome display of power.
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    Lost Season 1 ongoing thread (merged)

    As mentioned above, the sound editing from Jin's perspective during the confrontation wherein all he heard was jibberish seems like a pretty explicit illustration of his inability to understand English. Although he certainly recognized when Sun used Michael's name in the middle of the episode...
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    MILLENNIUM Season 2 DVD Reviews

    Yeah. I kinda wish they'd return to television. I think their work really benefits from that kind of room to fully develop an idea. And I'd really like for them to have a chance to pay off their cliffhangers with another season. Millenium S2, Space: Above and Beyond and The Others all really...
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    Wonderfalls comes to DVD on december 7th, 2004!

    Thanks to a switched shift yesterday I was able to get through the last episode of the set tonight. I actually only saw the first two episodes when they originally aired, and while I thought it was funny, it didn't really set my world on fire. I was actually at Best Buy picking up Sealab 2021...