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    New Home Theater Design

    You have plenty of room. You could also consider putting a false wall in the front, using an acoustically transparent screen and placing the front speakers and center speakers behind the screen-that would put the speakers out of sight and directly behind the image. You also have enough space to...
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    Layout Advice for Open Concept New Construction

    I'd second the idea of a sound bar. The great room in my home has a peaked 20' ceiling with a loft in the back. I also had WAF, with the agreement being no free standing speakers in the great room, and I could do what I wanted in the theater. She changed her mind about the theater, but I figured...
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    Need help with a large bonus room

    If you're open to a fixed screen, you might consider making your own. The easiest is a painted wall, but you need to make the wall smooth and do an even paint job. There used to be threads on the AVS forum on painting screens. The nearest I got to that was with some white spray paint on poured...
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    New Home Theater - Rough Wiring

    Run whatever you are going to use for equipment as a separate circuit from the rest of the house. You might not want your washing machine or refrigerator on the same circuit as your amp.
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    New bonus room HT construction

    Wire for what you might want in the future, not what you have right now. While wire is no longer cheaper, it's still easier and less expensive for place wiring now, before the dry wall goes up than it is after everything is done. I'd suggest placing the wiring for a 7.2.4 system. My current...
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    Budget home theater in a small room. Aucustic dampeners.

    You might also consider an area rug for most of the room with a pad underneath. Lowes and Home Depot have a good selection. Some echo and reflection is desirable-we don't live in an anechoic world. A good part of what you hear in a small room is echos that occur after more than one reflection...
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    Home Theater -Back to Front...

    Running wires can be done in a number of ways. It depends on how your walls are made, and possibly what is above and/or below. I've done things in several houses a number of ways. 1. The simple way is to run the wires on the floor, and either place them on the sides or put something over them...
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    Epoxy Theater Seat Risers

    Nice. Looks fairly kid resistant, too.
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    The Disc Collection of Mike Frezon

    I'd like something like this:
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    New Home Theater

    I'd suggest deciding how you are gong to lay things out, and go from there. I had a 22' X 15' room with a 9' height. I brought in lawn chairs, masking tape and some spray pain to make screens on a couple of walls, to get a mock up of projecting both ways. I also went out to a theater with my...
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    New Home - to pre-wire or not to pre-wire?

    As above. I used CL2 wire as well. I believe the information at the time was that CL2 grade wires were resistant to heat and did not conduct a fire along the wiring inside the walls. Building codes in some areas may require them, and if it's new construction, will (probably) have to pass an...
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    New Home - to pre-wire or not to pre-wire?

    It's easier and cheaper to wire while building before the drywall is up. I'd wire for everything-if you use less, you're not out much. Put the ending into juntion boxes with excess and cover it with a wall plate if you don't use it. 14 gauge should be sufficient-you can get it by the roll from...