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    Ikon7 speakers from Dali.

    Just heard the Ikon6 (7s are on the way) and was very, very impressed with the price/performance ratio ($1600 pair). My dealer used to sell Monitor Audio, but the Dali's have taken center stage. He often sells them as fast as he can get them. If you are looking at monitor audio gold, I would...
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    SVS = Bad Neighbors...?

    This is going to determine the next step for you. Find out what the laws are. Of course, you can use this knowledge against them the next time they have a party. :wink:
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    Upscaling DVD players vs RP82. Which one is better?

    FWIW, the RP91 is NOT the predecessor to the RP82. They are two different animals. While they use the same MPEG decoder, the RP82 uses the Faroudja deinterlacing chip while the RP91 does not. If you've got an RP82, hang on to it. I ditched my RP91 for an RP82. Ignore the urge to upgrade...
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    New Panny DVD player with Faroudja DCDi & HDMI - MSRP $299.95

    FWIW, the press release doesn't say that the S97 will not have Faroudja, they just dropped the name Faroudja off the press release. Historically Panasonic has never advertised the Faroudja chip being in any of their players (even when they were). I think a wait and see approach may be best here.
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    IF you had $275 what reciever would u buy?

    I second this suggestion. Best bang for the buck around.
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    Best receiver to match B&W 300 series speakers

    Yes, there is. I agree it would be nice to hear everything together, but it's often not possible. One thing I try in this situation is to try and listen to the same "level" of equipment. While not the same to listening to the exact equipment you want, it will give you some idea. Of...
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    Refurb Denon Avr-3803

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    speaker suggestions please!

    Since you're listening to music, I second the idea of building up a system up starting with the two mains. In the long run you'll end up with a nicer system. If you cheap out now for everything, you'll just end up with the urge to upgrade right off the bat.
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    I have ~$670 to spend on speakers.. help me choose

    As others have said, the Titans are well worth the little extra cash they cost. Four Titans and the CC170 are a nice setup. And I hear you about the salesman thing. I was helping my niece shop for a setup for her place and the saleman was as annoying as all get out. She has an Onkyo 601, so...
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    I have ~$670 to spend on speakers.. help me choose

    You might want to reconsider a sub for apartment living unless you don't have many neighbors. LFE can travel in funny ways in buildings. You might have to make sure that quite a few neighbors are not at home. ;) My co-worker had a war with a guy who was on the next floor and one unit over...
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    Refurb Denon Avr-3803

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    Best Receiver under $400?

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    Floorstandings and Bookshelves

    Another thing interesting about bookshelves is that manufacturer's can concentrate on making the mids and highs sound good because they don't have to worry about the very low end sound range.
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    Onkyo V. the world