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    Excersise Equipment?

    I'd recommend visiting http://www.johnstonefitness.com - John Stone is an HTF member who is extremely dedicated to fitness. His site has a ton of amazing information about living a healthy lifestyle. Bob
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    Need to find a very nice hotel in New York for this weekend

    Hi Everyone, An unexpected trip to NYC just popped up, and I need to find a really nice hotel to stay at on Saturday night (February 11, 2006). Can anyone local recommend something spectacular? I was thinking something on a very high floor that would have a great view of the city, either...
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    Where can I rent a lottery drawing machine?

    Thanks Jeff, for your very helpful message. I guess I'll try to track down a bingo machine. Any idea where I should start (bingo in the yellow pages?) Any particular brands / manufacturers / machines that you can recommend? Thanks! Bob
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    Where can I rent a lottery drawing machine?

    Hi Everyone, This is kind of a strange request... I'm looking to rent a lottery drawing machine for a presentation I'm doing next week. I'm talking about the type of thing they use for Lotto 6/49, that spins the numbered balls, as seen here: http://www.garronlottery.com/theShamrock.htm Does...
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    PDA purchasing

    Hi Chad, I currently own an iPaq 4150, and I previously owned a dell Axim X50V. The Axim was great, and the VGA screen was amazing, but overall I found it was a little too large for me. The 4150 is very slim, and I just heard that HP is going to be re-introducing a new unit with the 4150 form...
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    Can't read from CD-ROM, please help!

    Hi everyone, I burned a backup copy of all my documents to a CD yesterday. I even burned two copies of the disc, in case there was some sort of burning error that wasn't reported. Now, I've reformatted my computer, reinstalled Windows XP, and I can't read from the CD. About 75% of the...
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    InFocus X1 vs. BenQ 6100 – any Toronto demos?

    I picked up the 6100 last night at Future Shop. They've got a 14 day return policy, but if you use the bulb for more than one hour, you need to pay a 10% restocking fee. I didn't like that policy too much, but Business Depot doesn't stock them (they'd need to ship it) so I decided to take the...
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    InFocus X1 vs. BenQ 6100 – any Toronto demos?

    Hi Everyone, I’m really excited about buying my first projector, though I don’t have a huge budget to work with. I’m pretty sure that I’ve narrowed it down to these two. The 6100 can be had for $999 Canadian ($1199 minus $200 rebate until Oct. 26 at Business Depot), and the X1 is $1277...
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    I sold out and accepted a new job.

    This is a very interesting discussion, I'm enjoying hearing from both sides. A question for you Gary, which isn't meant as a flame or a judgement on what you did. What did you get out of your year off? Did you accomplish anything that you wanted to do for your whole life, but weren't able to...
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    Visiting New York City - What to see?

    Hi Everyone! My plane leaves tomorrow at 7:00 am and I'm really, realy excited! Thanks so much to everyone who posted and helped me plan this trip! I was able to get tickets to the Statue of Liberty, and I've got a ton of other fun stuff planned. I'll let you know how it goes! Bob
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    Visiting New York City - What to see?

    Thanks again for some fantastic suggestions! I think we're going to take a tour of the United Nations, it was one of the things we hadn't decided on. (Unfortunately I don't think it will be as hilarious as the Ali G tour of the UN!) It's too bad that FAO Schwarz is closed, I was under the...
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    Visiting New York City - What to see?

    Hi Everyone, Wow, thanks for the great replies! We've been reading travel guides to learn more about the different areas of NYC, and I still can't get over how many different places there are. Michael, I'm very interested in non-musical theatre, so any suggestions you have would be more...
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    Visiting New York City - What to see?

    Hi Everyone! My girlfriend and I are going to New York City from August 5 – 8, 2004. I searched and read all of the previous “New York” threads, which gave me a really great starting point for planning the trip. We’re flying into Newark at 8:30 a.m. on Thursday (because we got a...
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    Things to See & Do in Las Vegas?

    I'd say that BLUE MAN GROUP is an absolute must-see. I've never seen a better live show! The fact that you're staying at the Luxor should help you get better seats (that's where I stayed too.) Penn and Teller are amazing, I'd recommend their show at the Rio. Rio buffet was really good too...