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    Do you wish you could live in the past?

    Yes. That is why I checked to see if this forum account was still active. :D
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    What kind of snake is this?

    Thassa baby black rat snake right thar *spit*
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    Help Building Sub..

    We just have the crappy thin forms at our Home Depot. Must be a regional thing. What's crazy is that my dad tests concrete on jobsites, and I put him on the lookout for some sonotube, and even he has yet to find me any. Or maybe he's just holding out on me :D
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    Ported Tumult Build

    To answer your question Mattak, I'll refer you to my good friends at Woodnet: Veneer Discussion 1 Veneer Discussion 2 Veneer Discussion 3 Veneer Discussion 4 I'm not an a$$, we just have a different way of communicating ourselves at Woodnet, without fear of being jumped on. I truly...
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    Ported Tumult Build

    High five guys! You got me! :emoji_thumbsup: :emoji_thumbsup: :emoji_thumbsup:
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    Ported Tumult Build

    OK then, have fun with your bubbles. Truth be told, contact cement is a terrible choice for veneer. Titebond cold press is the ticket.
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    Help Building Sub..

    I've built 2 subs using Adire drivers and specs from their website. Like you, I wanted to build a sonotube sub, but I couldn't find any sonotube. :angry: MDF, however, is the ubiquitous building material of our time. Here's an example of what's out there... Vented Tempest Applications
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    Ported Tumult Build

    A wood block isn't going to give you the kind of pressure you want to get your veneer to stick and all of the air pockets out. I suspect this is your problem. Applying it too thick is also a problem. Just a thin coat on each surface, let it dry to a tacky state, then use a roller from the...
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    Rescheduling Halloween?

    Hey, mine too! wait a minute...
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    Cool car clip.

    That's cool. Check out how skinny those back tires are!
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    Simply amazing (video)

    Well it isn't a GBA game, and it hasn't been posted before, so you can stop looking for your link...
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    Difference between amps?

    This is all I could squeeze out of the membership when I asked a while back (towards the bottom). The MCM went out of stock when I started my first sub project, but I see that there are plenty in stock. I've now installed 2 of the PE amps and I think they are rock solid.