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    Roy Rogers in TruColor and Uncut

    The term "Rough Riders" was around before Teddy Roosevelt's 1898 "Rough Riders". Definitely used in Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild West Shows by at least 1892 and most likely in western dime novels, too. Buffalo Bill's tributes to a diversity of horsemen and women, portrayed in the shows by the...
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    Roy Rogers in TruColor and Uncut

    ROUGH RIDERS' ROUND-UP--1939-B&W, 56 minutes. I have the 53-minute syndicated version from the Mill Creek/Treeline 50 Western Classics DVD Collection. No Republic logos and a generic THE END. Teddy Roosevelt. It's 1900 and Roy and his pals, Eddie Acuff and Raymond Hatton, are...
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    Tribute to Redheads

    Brown eyes. B&W of the red suit, probably tinted, version. Same photo shoot. I like seeing how the poster artists combined different stills to come up with a new design. Italian poster.
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    Tribute to Redheads

    1940, according to the Vogue/France site I found the picture. There are B&W versions of that picture also. The Vogue site led to these 1936, Olivia, shots. Is the color real in any of these three?
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