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    Denon 2807 Setup help please

    It wouldn't take much to set it to 5.1 and callibrate, then go back and add that extra channel in after the fact.....you don't have to have 'tallented ears' to do that. All you have to do is compare the volume to your other rear speakers and set it to a similar level, get a sound meter if you...
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    Will towers do anything for HT?

    Paradigm has some newer versions of some reasonably priced tower speakers out now, I've listened to a pair and thought they sounded excellent for the price they were. If you've got a dealer near you and you are interested, check them out. Personally I build my own GR Research AV-3 towers and...
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    Whats a good Receiver to go with my Paradigm Monito Titan...

    Denon would be fine, personally I would go with a Marantz though, what's your budget?
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    onix rockets stability

    I have a friend who has a version of the 750's, not sure which version. They were tippy on his carpet floor, he got some stands that AV123 sells that helped. I would think on a hardwood floor though you would not have much of a problem. And yes, the spikes went through the carpet to the floor...
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    Impressions of HSU Turbocharger

    Looking at the graphs that were added into the thread later....personally I don't think I'd mess whith the 'turbo'. Looks like it makes the response curve slightly less smooth.
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    Impressions of HSU Turbocharger

    Not working for me either....
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    I still wouldn't hesitate to look at the Paradigms. I had a pair of B&W 602s3's and personally I liked some of the paradigms better. Needless to say I ended up building my own pair of GR-Research AV/3 for fronts and AV/3s for a center...built the 3 for just under $1000 and they blow away the...
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    Building GR-Research AV2

    Very nice, I've got a pair of AV3 floor standers and the AV3s for a center. Make sure you get the AV2's out away from the wall, they will sound way better. http://cgim.audiogon.com/i/vs/i/f/1141859475.jpg
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    in-wall speaker wire question

    As long as it is UL rated you are probably fine. I ordered all my cable from BlueJeans as well, if they say it is in-wall rated you should be good.
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    Blue Jeans Cable

    I've ordered from Blue Jeans 3-4 times....been satisfied 110% each time. I always feel like I get more for my money there and I usually recomend them to friends who are needing cables.
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    SVS help

    I don't think there is much of a performance difference between the two. If I were in your shoes I'd go with the 20-39PCi. Personally I have a PB-12NSD/v, mainly because my wife would not go for the PCi. You can't go wrong either way.
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    $1000 bucks for a receiver, which one to get?

    I'm a big fan of Marantz receivers, but I think I'd strongly consider the Outlaw 1070. It retails for $899. The other I'd consider strongly is the Marantz 7001, I'm not sure what the retail is on it but I think it is under $1000. Marantz sound quality is excellent. For DIY speakers there are...
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    Maybe I am a little crazy for buying this.

    A BFD is good, but I'd highly recomed the Velodyne SMS-1, or even the Onix R-Des. The SMS-1 will set up your eq automatically. I also believe the Plus subs have one band of EQ on them right?
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    Maybe I am a little crazy for buying this.

    Wouldn't it make more sense to go with two tube subes from SVS in a room that small? Or two single driver box subs from SVS? That seems crazy to me to go to that extreme.....I actually think it would be massive overkill. I've got a friend who has a PB12 Plus/2 with the new drivers in his...
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    Thoughts on the original Mirage Omnisat's?

    Jason, I listened to some of those, or some similar over at Audio Labs downtown, they are also a mirage dealer. The highs sounded great, for me I would want a way larger midrange than what those have.....severely lacking in the mids in my opinion.