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    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Spartacus (Take 2) -- in Blu-ray

    And apparently conflicting messages from Universal DE, who say it's a mistake, and Universal IT who claim that it is the correct disc.
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    Why do cops shoot to kill?

    Take a look at this:- http://www.pfoa.co.uk/110/shooting-to-wound
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    Unlikely a Shout Factory release would be region free, but I sent a message anyway. Included the web address of the 3d film archive so hopefully Bob et al will have a job to do in the new year. What would be the point in a flat release of this film?
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    3D The Bubble (1966) (3D Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    Watched this earlier this evening and while I don't think I could describe it as a quality movie, the 3D was incredible. The best I have seen, with almost no crosstalk at all.One tiny problem I noticed was an outbreak of compression artifacts for about 2 seconds, at around the point where they...
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    Can't get surround sound system to work on tv channels

    Check the Audio setting on the Cable box is correct, and check that the CBL/SAT input is set to HDMI audio rather than optical/analog.
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    "Fleischer Classics featuring Gulliver's Travels" (1939) coming to Blu-ray

    For those who want their digital copy. I've checked both discs and could see no sign of any video files other than the VOBs etc. I have unfortunately found my disc to have some authoring errors - I tried to select the 'Select Cartoon' option and my UK PS3 froze. I've had a bit of trouble...
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    Movies On Blu With A Teal Tint.

    In certain areas, such as 'artlepool, an h is always silent.
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    A Sneak Peek at Zulu and Khartoum

    The comments the chap has made regarding PCM and Bitstream are incorrect, so I am reluctant to believe the rest of his post.
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    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Khartoum & Zulu -- in Blu-ray

    He seems to have spat his dummy out and left in a fit of pique!
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    3D Coming to 3-D Blu-ray January 21, 2014 from Twilight Time.

    I see the reviewer at another well known blu ray review site says that this has survived the transition from anaglyph. Have they not read the myth section in Bob furmanek's website?
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    Predator 3D coming to Blu-ray in December

    Please don't tell me they didn't convert the World's Manliest Handshake.
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    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Oliver! -- in Blu-ray

    Without the excessive 'insurance' charges TT release cost around 25GBP delivered. I have never paid the extra, and all my TT release have arrived safely. There would never be any import costs, because of Screen Archives' customs declarations. Regarding the authoring, I got the impression that...
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    New "Cars" snaps and dropout issues- True HD problem?

    There is no difference. Apart from the fact that Dolby trueHD doesn't light up on the amp.
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    New "Cars" snaps and dropout issues- True HD problem?

    Try changing the HDMI audio output to PCM, from Bitstream and see if the dropouts stop.