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    Can you answer this about Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon?

    It is a TV series from Hong Kong (with different actors), edited down into a very long movie. Tai Seng has done this with several series, such as "Kung Fu Master," "The Master Swordsman" and "Fist of Fury." They mainly keep the action, leaving only enough of the drama/comedy to make it a...
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    Sling Blade, is it 5.1 or 2.0?

    My French might be a little rusty, but I believe that is "Justice of the Heart."
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    Will Ryuhei Kitamura's films ever come out to Region 1?

    Media Blasters (which released "Versus" in R1) is releasing "Aragami" on Nov. 16th and "Alive" (plus the "Ultimate Edition" of "Versus") sometime this year. I'm pretty sure the rights were bought to "Azumi," but I don't remember which company. BTW, if you enjoyed "Aragami", pick up "2LDK"...