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    Win an Onkyo TX-NR1030 9.2 channel Dolby Atmos AV Receiver

    I am currently "rockin'" an Onkyo 898. It is time for a new Onkyo. This one will do. Thanks !!!
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    "I" have a problem with my bass.

    It has dual 6" ports. On another note, after numerous tries at placement and position within the undescribably ugly sonics of my room, I achieved the flatest response with the sub upside down (driver on bottom, ports on top) in the back right corner of the area. I guess you could call it a...
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    "I" have a problem with my bass.

    It is definitely a beast and so far so good. I never envisioned having to admit that there is just a little to much bass in my 6600 cubed playpen and turn it down. It is hands down awesome with HT and suprisingly nimble with music. My personal music taste leans toward any genre of Jazz; Old...
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    "I" have a problem with my bass.

    Problem solved for now with the arrival of the Epik Conquest. The botom pic features Klipsch RCW-5 8" in wall, RF-7 and a KG5.5 next to the Conquest for comparison.
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    Harman Kardon Amps For Sale

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    "I" have a problem with my bass.

    I have about 6000 cubed plus openings to a hallway and a stairwell to fill with glorious bass. Currently, the original Dual SVS CS Ultra package, serial numbers 16 and 17 is providing all the bottom. The Ultras are on the back wall split on either side of the seating area. I've tried them in...
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    Hd Dvd's/Blu-Ray for trade

    pm sent
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    Harman Kardon AVR 7200

    Back at ya!
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    Harman Kardon AVR 7200

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    Various DVDs 4 Sale

    Orders for the destinations below have been packaged and will be dispatched tomorrow: Tucson, AZ Lindale, TX Council Bluffs, IA
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    Various DVDs 4 Sale

    List Updated.
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    Denon DVD-3800 DVD (CD & DVDA too) Player

    Price Lowered Again