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    star trek the next generation complete set coming

    TVShowsonDVD has the official press release posted: http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/news/Sta...s-Release/8110 And all of the Best Buy-exclusive features on the set are included in the new box set, for those of you wondering about their fate. No bloopers, outtakes, episode promos, or other...
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    DVD Review HTF DVD Review: The War (Ken Burns Documentary) (RECOMMENDED)

    I received my review copy last week and am in the middle of reviewing it for the blog site. When I saw it, I told my wife, "This one's a must-keep." My dad was a WWII veteran and saw action in Germany and France, and I remember him sharing stories with me about what he saw overseas during...
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    Supeman Doomsday: 9/18/07 release on DVD

    Review's up on my blog site here - check it out!
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    Have you ever been attracted to one of your teachers from school?

    I remember my sophomore and junior years in high school, and a teacher I had who was in her late 20's taught English and journalism. Needless to say, I had a little crush on her. Thankfully it didn't go far. Then in my senior year I remember a keg and key party at a friend's house, and I saw...
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    HTF REVIEW: Heroes - Season 1

    Excellent review, Matt! This is one DVD I'm looking forward to. I'm still awaiting my review copy for review on my blog site and haven't gotten it yet - ugh! Talk about slower than molasses...
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    Young Indiana Jones Chronicles Vol 1 - October 23, 2007

    That's definitely true. I had a copy of one of the VHS tapes, I think it was either Chapter 14 or Chapter 15, and on it was a seven-minute featurette that had an interview segment with George Lucas and, more interestingly enough, a portion of Sean Patrick Flanery's screen test for Young Indy...
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    Kenneth Branagh's HAMLET -- the ultimate, merged, when-oh-when thread

    Had no problem with the intro on my Sony DVD player. My review is posted up on my blog site: http://theallnewdvdtheaterblog.blogspot.com - check it out!
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    any laserdisc titles still worth owning?

    If you can find this import on eBay or through any other searches, the Japanese LD of "Superman IV" issued by Tohokushinsha Home Video is a must-keep. Prior to the 2001 U.S. DVD release, this was the first widescreen release of the film, and it's the only LD source for the 93-minute European...
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    The Archive of Incomplete TV DVDs - Buyers Beware! (Updated 3/27/05)

    Lots of recent incomplete TV on DVD sets since it was last posted. Here's what I've seen thus far, which obviously duplicates what's appeared in other threads: The New Adventures of Superman - All of the Superboy segments have been left off the set. Hawaii Five-0: Season 2 - "Bored, She...
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    Popeye the Sailor: Volume 1 (1933-1938) 7/31

    I posted my review of the set up on my blog site. Check it out: http://theallnewdvdtheaterblog.blogspot.com
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    Hawaii Five-O - Any Interest Out There?

    I received a review copy of this DVD last week and have personally reviewed the entire set, and I can officially confirm that "Bored, She Hung Herself" is not included in the Season 2 set. Andy Dursin over at The Aisle Seat also made the same error as Gord, and I notified him of the error...
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    Worst employee stories..

    This happened at the Wal-Mart in my town a couple of weeks ago. I went to get the oil changed in my car, and these two mechanics, neither of whom looked like they had any sense to begin with, stood around and did their own thing for 12 minutes before they noticed I was even there. One of them...
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    The Lost Cut- Alternate versions of movies

    There is a slightly longer version of "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home" that U.S. audiences didn't get to see back in 1986-87. When the film was released in overseas theaters, there was a four-minute prologue recapping the events of STII and STIII with narration from Captain Kirk (William Shatner)...
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    Well, "Titanic" nite again. Anybody else have plans?

    Hey Dave, that 5-disc set you've got... is that R1 or R2? And how many trailers are on that disc?
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    Well, "Titanic" nite again. Anybody else have plans?

    My older daughter had mentioned to me just last night about wanting to put it in the player for a spin. Even after seeing it in the theater, getting the VHS releases (both fullscreen and widescreen), watching it on HBO and NBC, and now the SE DVD, I've still not gotten through it a complete...