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    Amy Winehouse - RIP

    Just heard Amy Winehouse has died. A shame, a young person with such talent gone. Rip.
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    HD Radio - It is great.

    As stated, the content/quality of HD radio varies greatly by market, in LA the quality is great, and mostly commercial free on the available stations. I enjoy it immensly as do others who have the equipment to give it a listen. But, by all means, please stay with the standard FM stations and...
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    Looking for more bass.

    Pretty sure anything you do will not help. All in one systems are meant to provide just enough sound and volume to enjoy a movie on a tv. You are going to have to find a more powerful receiver and send the Blu-ray signal through that and then out to some better speakers to really make a...
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    HD Radio - It is great.

    In essence, HD Radio is FM that is equal to or better than CD quality audio. On the reciever, I tune in to a station as usual, the signal locks on and plays as usual, 2-3 seconds on the station and the receiver switches internally to the HD band if it is available on a given station (a seemless...
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    Fringe season 3 thread

    Agreed, it would be a shame if the sow gets nixed due to low ratings. As stated, it is the best show on this season by a wide margin. The writers are hitting it out of the park making us viewers want more of each episode in each world before the next episode, masterful. Been watching from the...
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    HD Radio - It is great.

    Living close to Los Angeles, I am able to receive quite a few HD radio stations. I just upgraded my receiver to the Marantz SR8002 which includes the HD radio feature. I have an external TV antenna (yes, the kind we used before the advent of cable). The SQ through my system is great. We...
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    HTF Contest: Win an Epson HC 8700 1080P projector courtesy of Epson and ProjectorPeople.com!

    We seem to always watch the Patriot--Mel Gibson, on Thanks giving evening, it has become a tradition for us, and to watch in HD on a big projector screen would be great. Not really interested in watching the Dallas Cowboys play a terrible game of football, and Detroit don't do it for me...
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    Help Me....I've listed 5 receivers

    A friend recently picked up the Yamaha 765, and is quite happy with it. I personally have been sold on the Pioneer line for some time and would at your price point, choose the Pioneer 1120. Yes, it has a few bells and whistles, but more importantly, a video scaler that scales anything...
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    What about Blu-Ray Lossless Master Audio

    Honestly, I don't want to have to spend my time ripping, copying or otherwise having to work at getting lossless music in a package I can use anywhere. I want it done for me, and as noted in Will's second post, Blu-ray can offer everything I want, and more. I can afford to buy such a product...
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    What about Blu-Ray Lossless Master Audio

    As they say, it only takes one to start something. Seriously, this could be the solution for every music lover out there, and it appears Blu-ray is not going anywhere anytime soon, and getting more global coverage of players every day... We can only hope.
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    What about Blu-Ray Lossless Master Audio

    With the apparent demise of both DVD-Audio and SACD, is there any movement on the production of music only content on Blu-Ray discs using the Lossless Master Audio format, or is that going to be reserved as a track option for video titles only?  
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    *** Official SALT Discussion Thread

    I had a good time at the movies with this one. Angelina Jolie was great, in this 'escapist action flick'. Thoroughly entertained.
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    Set top box for streaming media (media center)

    I am currently using the Seagate theater+ It is brilliant. Will do what you are looking for. It has 2 USB ports, a Lan Port, HDMI and Audio/Video and Digital 5.1 out. SeagateTheater+ also has a port that will allow a direct connection to any size Seagate Go drive and still leave the...
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    Lindsay Lohan

    Just saw this headline: Lindsay Lohan set to play porn star Linda Lovelace in new movie role From the UK Daily Mail.
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    What would you do? $1000 50" plasma vs. $1000 52" lcd vs. $1300 55" lcd.

    My LG 55LH40 arrived this morning. WOW What a set, I was a strong believer that PLASMA was the way to go for the absolute best PQ. After a couple of hours with a the THX setup DVD, I am changing my opinion of LCD. This set rocks. Using an upconverting DVD player (1080p), everything I have...