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    DDD 20% Off Sale?

    You might want to check the fine print on that offer. I believe that is an auto-renewing subscription, which is no fun to cancel after the first term.
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    WTB: Monty Python Box Set

    Set has been purchased. Thanks, Lee--we're looking forward to it!
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    WTB: Monty Python Box Set

    Anyhow...as I was saying prior to Mike's ad for the ubiquitous Weekly RoundUp, I am interested in buying somebody's dusty old Monty Python boxed set. Shoot me an e-mail if you've got one you want to unload. :)
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    WTB: Monty Python Box Set

    My son is getting seriously interested in all things Python and I'd like to find a reasonably priced boxed set. (I am looking for the 14- or 16-disc "mega" set of the original TV show--which seems to have been released in about 32 different versions by Sam's Club, Costco, Best Buy, etc.) Send me...
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    I got Best Buy Coupons!!!!!! Good 12/14 thru 12/19

    Boy, you got that right. These store coupons are getting downright silly. Marshall Fields had some promo coupons this year that had more fine print than all the paperwork on my last house purchase. God forbid they inadvertantly left open a loophole which actually allows people to use the coupon!
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    140-hour TIVO - New in Box

    One more until still available. Great price!
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    Deep Discount DVD 20% Off Sale!

    I had the misfortune recently to be in line behind a woman at Target who was trying to return a PS2 system that had been trashed so badly it was almost beyond recognition. You had to see it to believe it--she had the whole shebang bundled in her arms with cords everywhere, a shattered case, and...
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    Deep Discount DVD 20% Off Sale!

    All that "bitching" seems pretty reasonable to me. I mean, really--why was DDD surprised again by heavy site traffic during this sale? Frankly, I don't see how blaming customers for "bitching" makes DDD a better vendor. If they eliminate their embarassing security leaks and learn how to handle...
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    Deep Discount DVD 20% Off Sale!

    Same as last year...site's down. Feh.
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    140-hour TIVO - New in Box

    :star: :star: :star: Sold! Thanks, John! :star: :star: :star: If anybody's interested in the second unit, let me know. Same terms.
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    140-hour TIVO - New in Box

    I bought two 140-hour TIVOs in anticipation of an HT project that got put on hold (again--feh!). So I am keeping one and selling one. This is a new-in-the-box 140-hour Series 2 TIVO (Series 2 is broadband ready). This is not a refurb. Sells for $399+tax in the store, with a $100 rebate. I'll...
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    WARNING - your Deep Discount DVD are not secure!

    As a customer, I have to wonder about the motives of a company which keeps its eCommerce site up even while it's being compromised.
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    New Amazon.com discount - 1.57%

    This is the best kind of promotion--no extra work and a feel-good discount every time I drop more coin at Amazon. Well done, you coffee-guzzling Seattle-livin' tattooed love boys.
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    Weekly RoundUp 8/24/04

    Any chance that Flipper disc is a flipper disc? ;) (I've been waiting years to ask that.)
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    Brand New Silver IPod Mini w/Bonus

    :star: :star: :star: SOLD! Thanks, Richard! :star: :star: :star: