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    I wish studios would use DTS HD MA as the standard

    I felt this way too. But I dropped only $500 on a Yamaha 663 with TrueHD and DTS MA HD decoding. Of course the PS3 just sends it as Linear PCM, but it sounds amazing. It's well worth the upgrade. Of course perhaps you feel that if you were to upgrade you would get something...
  2. Averry

    Sony releases v2.40 firmware for PS3

    My dad's PS3 was actually one that bricked. It installed and rebooted, then Says the "SONY COMPUTER ENTERTAINMENT" and the thing just sits there and waves. Restarting wont' do anything. I actually had an extra HD drive, and installed it and now it boots fine. Super wierd...
  3. Averry

    Blu-ray Review HTF Blu-Ray Review: Cloverfield (RECOMMENDED)

    I read some where it was....but unfortunately that's all I got for you.
  4. Averry

    Transformers BD 09/02/08

    There will probably be alot of people to do this. I for one would have the capabilities to compare, maybe not blindly unless i have somebody turn it on for me. I haven't had a chance to enjoy true Dolby Digital + or True HD, or DTS MA HD untill I get a new receiver tomorrow... I'm...
  5. Averry

    Ordered New Receiver!!! Yamaha RX-V663BL

    http://images.google.com/imgres?imgu...US259%26sa%3DN Amazon.com: Yamaha RX-V663BL 665 Watt 7.1-Channel Home Theater Receiver: Electronics I'm excited. I'm finally going to get to hear Hi-Res Audio. I'll have it tomorrow (Monday) so I'll give her a go. I have a 4 year old JVC...
  6. Averry

    Blu-ray Review HTF Blu-Ray Review: Cloverfield (RECOMMENDED)

    Did Best Buy have a special DVD? I know Target did.
  7. Averry

    Universal Studios on Fire

    Huh? I've been watching this on the news for a few hours. To my understanding there was shooting going on...and possible damage to the king kong ride. I do not believe the film vault is yet burning, but I know it was said to have been "threatened". It's still a bit unclear...
  8. Averry

    TRANSFORMERS 2 Rumblings/Filming!

    So this movie is still planned for release in just over a year? They better get crankin'....not to say they aren't, but for a movie this big, it's an interesting time scheme.
  9. Averry

    Blu-ray Review HTF Blu-Ray Review: Cloverfield (RECOMMENDED)

    Sooooo excited for this. My favorite film of 08 so far. I also just dived in a bought a new HDMI receiver, so I'm SOOOO Friggin pumped for this.
  10. Averry

    Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl Framing Issue

    I did the initial internet claim thing, and like....4 days later I got an email. I replied with my info, then like....2 days later, somebody called me to ask me my correct zip code beause I had a typo. He was nice, I'm still waiting for the return envelope.
  11. Averry

    *** Official HTF HD Formats Comparison Thread *See Post 957, p. 32*

    I would imagine HDM sales are ultra-cruddy right now. Very few decent releases lately, and the HD-DVD purchases have dropped off the face of the earth. And I definately dont' see that translating to more Blu-Sales. So HD-DVD less, while Blu-Ray has the same, means less overall.
  12. Averry

    Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl Framing Issue

    I just ordered one off of amazon that i'll receive tomorrow. I'll test it out. I'm assuming it should be a corrected version what with Amazon's Blu-Ray traffic.
  13. Averry

    Should WB and the BDA give HD DVD owners a "peace offering" to welcome them to Blu?

    Haha, I did. But to be honest, you're completely right. I dont' know which way it's going, but I felt like it was the right time to get into Blu-Ray because it was definately gonna be a longer time untill the movies I wanted came red too.
  14. Averry

    Toshiba Deploys New HD DVD Marketing Initiatives Based on Strong Fourth Quarter Unit

    Toshiba enthusiasm does make me feel a little bit more like I have 2 sweet formats instead of one and a crippled one. I donno, I've actually been enjoying HD-DVD a little more lately. My gosh Children of Men was a good film. Clive Owen must reallllly like babies. Shoot Em Up...
  15. Averry

    Modern? Solos? Bar Band music?

    Something truly original. The Fall of Troy. Portugal the Man. Sort of classic, not really, more indie progressive. Idonno, I like mostly progressive stuff.