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    Two week old 3802 acting up

    I hope you plugged it directly into the outlet when troubleshooting. Could be your surge protector
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    Alright, it's buying time and need a little advice please...

    I think its mass hysteria against the 3802 (since its so popular) that anything happens and its assumed that it must be a problem with the unit even though the problem might be elsewhere. After the 'other' problem gets fixed it never gets reported here and so the list of supposedly bad units...
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    Two week old 3802 acting up

    Could this be mass hysteria against the 3802 that any slight glitch that happens is assumed to be a problem with the unit even though the problem might be elsewhere? I would do the same if I were the owner of a 3802. Rodney, not that you might not have already tried this, but did you try to...
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    4802 vs. 3802

    Soundwise the 4802 is marginally better, but nothing to warrant thrice the price. Featurewise the 4802 has some very nice features like xovers that go down to 40 hz (which might become available on the 3803), but still nothing to warrant its high price. For half the price gap you might get...
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    Just buy the 3802??

    The only useful feature I foresee the 3803 as having is x-overs that go down to maybe 60-40 Hz. That would really be usefull. Beyond that there wont be much difference sonically speaking from the 3801 by using better DACs and DSP processing etc. They will still use 32 bit processing and 24/96KHz...
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    Just buy the 3802??

    I think the 3802 will keep you happy for quite a while depending on your type of course I am happy with the 3801 for about 1.5 years now and only now I added an external 2 channel amp to it for even better sound. I'll be keeping the 3801 until a major new surround format becomes widely...
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    Beating the dead horse...Denon 3802

    I think its a killer product overall. For the price/performance ratio it cant be beat. Not even by the 4802 or the 5803. Those are great products but for what you pay you only get marginally better performance that can be surpassed by adding separate amps to the 3802. Dont let anyone tell you...
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    Pioneer 49TX: "Too Bright Sounding" ?

    Brightness comes mostly from the amp section rather then the preamp section IMHO althouth some will argue otherwise. I can say this because I did a test with a Yamaha receiver's (forget the model number) preamp hooked to the ext inputs of my 3802 to see if I can get some of the brightness of a...
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    Pioneer 49TX: "Too Bright Sounding" ?

    Using equalizers doesnt make a bright sounding receiver into a warm sounding one IMHO. Also brightness and warmth depends a lot on your other associated equipment most notably speakers. OTOH hooked up to the same set of equipment (Sony SACD player and Boston acoustic speakers) the Elites do...
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    Best reciever under $1k to match with my PSB speakers

    Go with the 3802. For HT under 1K it cant be beat IMHO. If 2 ch music is your taste then there are other worthy contenders.
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    Will 4ohm Speakers work with Denon 4802

    I would be cautious running 4 ohm speakers with any mass market receiver including flagships. If you have a large room and like to listen at loud volumes and watch plenty of action titles or listen to orchestral music then stick to 8 ohm speakers for the most part. In case you plan on getting a...
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    2 questions about the 3802...possibly

    from Fourier theory a square wave can be resolved into infinite sinusoidal terms of varying frequencies. So in other words a square wave has an infinite frequency content. Compression is when your dynamic range is being restricted i.e one end of your freq spectrum (usually lower freq) is...