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    Blu-ray Review Laurel & Hardy – The Definitive Restorations Blu-ray Review

    I've only had time to check out the commentaries on The Battle of the Century and Sons of the Desert, but the only negative I've thus far encountered is possibly the most frustrating menu screen I have ever experienced. I thought my player had seized up. It was only when I placed my face up to...
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    Our Miss Brooks on DVD

    For what it's worth, you actually do see Miss Brooks teaching a high school class in the 1956 movie.
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    Gone With the Wind physical copies are now sold out everywhere... (Thanks to HBO Max)

    FWIW, The Mask of Fu Manchu was given a G rating when MGM re-released it in 1972, and there's all sorts of pre-code shenanigans in that film!
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    Which begs the question as to why they can't release a "best we can currently do" dvd-r. They've done that for scores of esoteric films already (to my hearty approval). Surely the master currently used on TCM would suffice for that. Of course, down the road, they can still release a super-duper...
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    Song of the South

    Actually, Disney may not bother with lobbying for another copyright extension because of the very firm trademarks that they have established on our favorite mouse. In a few years, Steamboat Willie will be going PD, but when it does so the character images of Mickey, Minnie, and perhaps even...
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    Warner DVD's not working thread - watch to make sure they still play

    Based upon what I've seen with others, it might be easier to list individual titles instead of box sets when emailing Sherri. In some instances, the box set is no longer in print but the included titles are available as singles. I remember one person had some issues exchanging his Mickey...
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    Warner DVD's not working thread - watch to make sure they still play

    Dive Bomber, Gentleman Jim, and The Charge of the Light Brigade have all been released as DVD-MOD by Warner Archive (reissues of the earlier WHV editions) so I would email Sherri back on that issue. If necessary, point out that all three titles are available for purchase from As for...
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    Petticoat Junction-Remaining Series on DVD?

    If my memory is correct, I remember Gunilla Hutton talking about it on the documentary that accompanied the MPI release.
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    Petticoat Junction-Remaining Series on DVD?

    Are you sure about that? I seem to recall that it was Gunilla Hutton who realized that she made a mistake but couldn't return since Meredith MacRae had already been hired. Pat Woodell wanted to leave to pursue a music career.
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    Petticoat Junction-Remaining Series on DVD?

    While I prefer the more flirtatious Billie Jo as played by Jeannine Riley and Gunilla Hutton, I certainly don't dislike Meredith at all. Her portrayal was different but not bad.
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    Petticoat Junction-Remaining Series on DVD?

    You won't have any argument from me on that point. The Bradley girls' singing I enjoy. Mike's singing is what they invented the fast forward button for!
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    Petticoat Junction-Remaining Series on DVD?

    I would love to see the rest of the series released, but worse come to worse, I have what I need. The best seasons of the show have been released, and the remaining four seasons I recorded off of MeTV. Frankly, the show's "jump the shark" came with Mike Minor and his awful singing. I wouldn't...
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    While we await the next Warner Archive Announcements...

    I wouldn't be surprised if WAC plays catch-up this coming December.
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    Press Release Criterion Press Release: The Cameraman (1928) (Blu-ray)

    I also echo the sentiment about the wonderful piano score that accompanied The Cameraman on VHS/LD and initial TCM airings. It is truly one of the best piano scores ever recorded for a silent. Alas, I can understand that there are a plethora of reasons that may have precluded its inclusion -...