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    The Amazing Race 12

    Is it me or has this season's Amazing Race aired without a team that the majority of viewers found annoying (Mirna & Shmirna)?
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    iPod touch (iTouch!) owners thread!

    My only complaint with the Touch is that the touchscreen cannot be used while wearing gloves.
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    Are there Blu-ray replication problems with Blade Runner?!

    My 5th disc which is supposed to be "the Work Print" is mislabelled and actually includes "the Final Cut" (disc 1).
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    7.1 mixes arriving on HD discs plus DTS-HD on HD-DVD US release

    That was me. The 7.1 indicator lights lit up during the New Line "intro", but during the movie my 3808 only indicated 5.1 DTS-HD MA.
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    Future Shop's Boxing Week - BD/HD-DVD 2 for 1 sale!

    It was "Buy 2 Get 1 Free".
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    Future Shop's Boxing Week - BD/HD-DVD 2 for 1 sale!

    To BB's credit, they did have a much lower price on "Enemy of the State" BD than Futureshop. I initially paid $40.99 for the movie and then noticed the next day that BB finally listed it on their site for $29.99. Later that day I stood in line for 1.5hrs to get the movie price matched at FS.
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    Future Shop's Boxing Week - BD/HD-DVD 2 for 1 sale!

    You should have price matched it against Best Buy's price of $34.99, Futureshop would have beaten it by 10% of the difference.
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    Future Shop's Boxing Week - BD/HD-DVD 2 for 1 sale!

    I bought myself 6 BD and 6 HD DVDs. The last day for the promotion is tomorrow. There were a couple of times when the price in their computers did not match the price listed on their website and one time when I later returned to have a disc price matched against Best Buy's online price.
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    PS3 Tv set up

    No conversion required, I am Canadian...I could swear the top end of his price range read $4500 earlier. Oh well, my mistake.
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    PS3 Tv set up

    The Sony 46" XBR2 LCD is right at the top of your price range. It works perfectly with a PS3, obviously, and had 3 HDMI inputs. Do you have the SA 3250HD box or the HD PVR, the 8300 or something like that, because the 3250 only has a DVI connector. Although admittedly, I have my 3250 connected...
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    Universal Remote won't work on Xbox 360

    The 360 uses IR. I can control it through my (first generation) Philips Pronto which is IR only. The controllers may use RF. The IR window on the 360 is rather small, point the universal remote directly at the IR window and see if that helps.
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    Is XBox 360 the way to go?

    The Nyko Intercooler? I wouldn't, many people have attributed the premature death of the 360's to the use of the Intercooler.
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    Keep losing my internet connection

    Try a different network card. If that doesn't work, try another cable modem.
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    Blu-ray owners: What BR titles do you have, are you excited about?

    Underword Evolution Kingdom of Heaven Blackhawk Down The Corpse Bride Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow Talladega Nights (I had no choice, it came with the PS3)
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    Will there be an A&E Biography DVD with Dolly Parton?

    A double disc set, no doubt. :D