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    NBA 2008-09 Regular Season Discussion Thread

    I think CP3 and Josh Smith have the best chance for the quadruple double.
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    Onkyo 705 or 706?

    It's time for me to upgrade my receiver and I've narrowed it down to either the Onkyo 705 or 706. Differences of the two are as follows: Onkyo 705: 3 DSP chips Audyssey MultiEQ XT 3 HDMI inputs 720p upconversion $450 Onkyo 706: 2 DSP chips Audyssey MultiEQ 4 HDMI inputs 1080p...
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    Need advice from the exerts on buying/building a sound system.

    I'd go for that Pioneer just because the Samsung includes a DVD player that you don't need.
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    Need advice from the exerts on buying/building a sound system.

    For a complete 5.1 system, you're really going to have to go with a packaged solution. OneCall has a Sony system (Sony HT-DDWG700 - In Stock at OneCall.com) for $199 that's pretty basic (small speakers, small sub, DD & DTS only). The better speaker packages start at $500 and perhaps another...
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    New receiver or a sub??

    The receiver does have analog in and the BD is a BD35. Sub it is then.
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    New receiver or a sub??

    I'm in the process of updating the HT which has remained untouched for the past almost six years. I've gotten a new Panasonic 58" plasma and two new DVD players: a Panny BluRay and an Oppo. The rest of the system has remained the same. I've got a DD/DTS HK receiver, Audio Refinement 3-channel...
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    Upconversion: Panny BD35 vs. Oppo 980

    I'm in the process of updating the HT and got myself an Oppo 980 to play my SD discs and was waiting for the price of a Panny 58" plasma to drop. I checked Amazon and saw it going for a good price and $300 off if I got a Panny BD35 to go with it. I jumped on the deal and now have two players...
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    Out of HT for ages & need a new DVD player

    I set up my HT around 5 years ago and forgot about it while raising two kids. Now my DVD player is dead and I need to replace it and I see BluRay HDMI and whatnot and am confused. My current setup consists of a Toshiba 57HDX82 RPTV that does 720p and only has composite, S-video, component and...
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    Extending WiFi range

    I'm thinking of going with a 15db omni at the transmit side and a 15db dish on the receive side. The reason being that it would be nice having a signal at the pool & lawn between the two houses. I'm looking at stuff from Radio Labs www.radiolabs.com. Any experience with them??
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    Extending WiFi range

    I currently have a broadband/wifi setup at home. I'd like to extend the signal over to a guest house at the other end of my property (around 200 yards away). What would be the best way to do this?? Hi-gain outdoor antennas at both the main house and at the guest house?? A bunch of bridges?? Any...
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    Car wax/and or polish-whats the best?

    Claying is actually very safe for your finish....it can be a lot of work but since your car is new, there shouldn't be a lot of gunk that'll need claying. After washing your car, put your hand in a sandwich bag and run it against the paint. It should be as smooth as silk...any rough patches will...
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    Car wax/and or polish-whats the best?

    I use a mix of Meguiar's and Mothers with a smattering of Eagle One as well. I hear Zaino's the best but only available on their website.
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    DVD Slideshow Software

    If you want freeware then get iPhoto..comes free with all new Macs =). For the PC, the best I've tried is ProShow Gold but it's not freeware.
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    Smallest Camera!

    DPReview should come out with a full review of that camera in a few weeks. In the meantime, here's what I would assume given the specs of the camera and the reputation of the manufacturer. 1. Panasonic makes great stuff and this should be no exception. Definitely one of the better...
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    Starbucks Chantico...wow! Now that's hot cocoa!

    I tried Carlo's recipe and it was very good considering I skimped on the ingredients. Being a diabetic, I had to use Splenda...and the only milk we had at home was 1%. Next time, I'll probably go with whole milk and perhaps use the whole bar (it was 70%).