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    MacBook No Longer Maintains Connection to Wireless Network: Help!

    I'm hoping for some help with a puzzling problem. I have three computers at home (an iMac and two MacBooks), as well as four other devices that connect to my wireless network (an iPhone, an iPod Touch, a Wii and a Blu-Ray player). I'm using an Airport Express as my wireless router and, until...
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    FS: Jolida 102b Tube Integrated Amplifier

    This is a wonderful, sweet-sounding, 20 Watts per channel tube amplifier that really sings, with plenty of real-world power when matched with the right speakers. The unit is about a year old, purchased directly from Jolida, and the tubes have less than 100 hours of playing time on them. It's...
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    I Have a Theory About Vioxx

    Agree w/ Tom. A very active area of current research in cardiac ischemia (lack of oxygen to cardiac muscle cells) is the role of substances that either induce or suppress the production of COX-1 and COX-2 and related enzymes. Again, right there with you. I'm sure you and I could create a...
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    Expanding Horizons

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    Zatoichi /Sonatine Double Bill+Infernal Affairs

    David: I agree that IA was a terrific film. Like I wrote in my review of it in another thread, I could watch Tony Leung in just about anything, so I'm probably not as objective about it as I could be. Can't comment on the transfer. In my old age, I'm concentrating too hard on the plot. :D
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    Internet Radio

    I use the Roku Soundbridge. Nice piece of gear, particularly if you use iTunes.
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    Zatoichi /Sonatine Double Bill+Infernal Affairs

    I am by no means expert in discussing the image quality of a DVD, but we watched Infernal Affairs (R1) last night, and the image quality was superb (projected onto a 100-inch screen). And, of course, it's a great film. :D
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    Expanding Horizons

    Yup. Post corrected. :b Thanks, JR! :D I forgot to mention that those of us with a fondness for tube amplifiers will find a little somethin' extra to love in this film.
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    My iPod is Gonna Love Having it's Own Tube Amp

    Not to mention a shapely (yet demure) vase and (what I think is) a stargazer lilly.
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    Expanding Horizons

    infernal affairs (2002, wai keung lau) This review isn't objective at all, because Tony Leung is one of my very favorite actors on the planet, and I'm predisposed to liking just about anything he's in. If a movie were made of Tony reading out of the phonebook, I'd be there. Not sure what it...
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    Directors The Complete CRiTeRioN CoLLeCTioN Tournament

    seven samurai