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    World Cup appreciation thread - games are on NOW!

    I highly enjoyed the Cameroon game. Yet another great clash of styles. I think Cameroon was the better side but you have to hand it to the Irish, they are missing their best player and yet they hung in there and gave as good as they got. I did not enjoy the Uruguay - Denmark game all that...
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    It's ok to be jealous, right?

    John, Be happy for your friend and it is certainly ok to be slightly jealous with a car like that! Andy
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    World Cup appreciation thread - games are on NOW!

    Mike, Note that the Ireland Cameroon game will be handled the same way on tape delay. If you want to watch the Ireland or the England game live, Univision is your best bet. Andy
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    World Cup appreciation thread - games are on NOW!

    What a great game. Even with Senegals tactics being ultra defensive, they still looked dangerous. The other two teams in the group had better watch out because I am assuming Senegal will come out of their shell and attack more. Wonderful tackling the entire game by the upstart African's.
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    FT: Oceans 11

    This title has been traded. Thank you for all the offers. Andy
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    FT: Oceans 11

    This is the WS version of Oceans 11 in mint condition. I am a master trader here. Please email with any offers to [email protected] Wants Anime American History X Legend UE + many many more.
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    Blake's 7 Complete Set Pre-order

    I love Farscape. Babylon 5 was/still is my favorite TV series of all time. Would I enjoy Blake's 7? Is it a complete arc story? If anyone has any good sites to point me to learn about this series I would appreciate it! Thanx Andy
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    PROOF- Retailers are distorting WS/P&S sales!.....

    I just bought Oceans 11 at BJ's for $16.99. There was no difference between full screen and wide screen price at my local store. I also took the time to move a bunch of widescreen DVD's in front of every pile of full screen DVD's, basically masking the fact that any full screen DVD's even...
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    Resolving myself to this issue of Pan & Scan: Where we stand....

    Is TV going to do some of the dirty work for us in terms of getting the general public used of widescreen (even at just a 1.77 level?)? Every day I turn on my TV, I see more and more mainstream widescreen TV shows. ER, Third Watch, West Wing, Babylon 5, Enterprise and 75% of the videos that...