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  1. Anders Englund

    How often are you supposed to change the heads of razors?

    How often do I change blades? Well, if I buy a fresh 4-pack, I use the first two blades for maybe two weeks each. The third usually a bit longer (3-4 weeks). The last blade will stay with me for months, until I've spent every morning for a week screaming pain. The throbbing hurt in my face then...
  2. Anders Englund

    The "Man I Had a Messed Up Dream" Thread

    The other night I had an odd ream: I was going to a store to buy a pair of pants. I couldm't decide on what I wanted and ended up buying a kilt instead. I think I've been listening to Dropkick Murphys too much lately. :) --Anders
  3. Anders Englund

    OK Im Doing It

    Being in sweden I probably won't be able to show up. So the questions: Will there be a DVD soon? :) --Anders
  4. Anders Englund

    Is My House Haunted? :)

    I hate to disappoint everyone, but none of this sounds like it would be a ghost. Everything that's been happening can be quite easily explained: Aliens :) --Anders
  5. Anders Englund

    I hate mosquito's

    A classic, but here's the solution. :) --Anders
  6. Anders Englund

    What's the next number...

    Sorry, Alex that was the wrong method. The first digit is derived from the median value (rounded) of all preceding SECOND digits. In this case (1+0+1+2+4+5)/6 = 13/6 = >2. The second digit is the sum of all preceding first digits. 0+1+1+2+1+4 = 9. Maybe this was too far fetched. A...
  7. Anders Englund

    What's the next number...

    And Alex is the winner!!!! :D --Anders
  8. Anders Englund

    What's the next number...

    Sorry, Paul. You got one digit right. :) Oh, and you might wanna think of the first number as "01". --Anders
  9. Anders Englund

    What's the next number...

    1 10 11 22 14 45 Edit: I screwed this one up. The series should read: 1 10 11 12 14 24 I leave the orginal to show you how dumb I am. :b --Anders
  10. Anders Englund

    I keep getting a phone call and message

    My dad got a call from a phone company: Guy: "Hi! Would you like to lower your phone bill." Dad: "No." The guy just stopped. He didn't even know what to say. :D I also had the misfortune of getting a phone number that previously belonged to a motor homes club. I get calls a little now and...
  11. Anders Englund

    My shower handle is reversed!

    Ted, I say live withg it. It could be damn entertaining whne you have houseguests. :D --Anders
  12. Anders Englund

    Currency conversion charts?

  13. Anders Englund

    PDA OS problem

    Nevermind... I fixed it... --Anders