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    Spartcus: Blood and Sand

    Just caught the season finale, and all I can say right now is "Wow!"
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    *** Official THE BOOK OF ELI Review Thread

    Interesting, this viewer had the opposite reaction. I was truly swept away in this post-apocalyptic wasteland and in the westward journey/mission Washington's character has been on for >30 years. The cinematography, art design and score accentuated the grayness of despair and hopelessness and...
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    Black Dynamite

    Caught this last night while I was in N.Y. and had a blast... very funny from beginning to end!
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    Another obscure movie question

    There was a scene like that in "The Longshots" (1986) that starred Tim Conway, Harvey Korman and Ted Wass.
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    *** Official GET SMART Review Thread

    Very interesting how some are finding it excruciatingly unfunny and others find it LOL hilarious. I would have to say I'm in the latter category. I actually do not remember laughing so often (intentionally) at a movie! I think the casting, script, action and comedy was spot-on. I was very...
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    *** Official CLOVERFIELD Discussion Thread

    I absolutely loved the end credits suite with music composed by Michael Giacchino titled "Roar!" Does anyone know if that track will be released in some form or fashion? iTunes, perhaps? If so, when? Thanks!
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    The Mole: It's Coming Back!

    The best entertainment news I've heard in a long time! I love this show and can't wait for it to make a strong comeback. Way to go ABC!
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    *** Official BEOWULF Review Thread

    I really enjoyed this film! Zemeckis outdid himself here with all of the current technology at his disposal to create vivid visual landscapes, action scenes (especially loved Beowulf's story about the sea monster he slayed (reminded me of a scene out of the videogame "God of War")), actor...
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    Simply one of the best films of the 2000's. I'm getting the same vibe from this film as I did from "The Shawshank Redemption" when I originally saw it in a mostly empty auditorium in 1994. "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford" will get lots of great reviews from...
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    The Cate Blanchett Appreciation Thread

    She was smokin' in "Bandits".
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    Heroes season 1 thread

    Two LOL moments: "That was my favorite wrench!" Nathan's sly reference to "Lost"
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    Darren Aronofsky's sci-fi epic "The Fountain" set to go

    In a year of otherwise mediocre scores, besides James Newton Howard's "Lady in the Water", I really hope Clint Mansell receives a nomination. The score is beautiful yet haunting, like the film.
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    Darren Aronofsky's sci-fi epic "The Fountain" set to go

    I want the Clint Mansell score as well, but it does not get released until 11/29.
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    M. Nights next film "Lady in the Water'

    I really enjoyed this film. Sure, it isn't a conventionally written and directed film, but it does have a sense of originality and off center humor that this summer has needed. In terms of the score my James Newton Howard, he composed some beautful arrangements to bring out the discoveries...
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    LOST season 2 discussion thread......

    "Lost" is great in the sense that it doesn't utilize a typical plot format. The stories just mature as layers get revealed. I strongly believe if the story was just about them trying to get off of the island, it would not be as three-dimensional as it is now. Actually, the notion of being...