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    Pioneer SC75 Resolution Setup Help Needed

    OK, I found out what happened in the 1st place. The Comcast remote TV mode button somehow got pressed along with the Zoom button. It wound up putting my TV into 4:3 Expanded display mode. I NEVER do this intentionally. I guess its rolling around on the couch and throw pillows must have...
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    Pioneer SC75 Resolution Setup Help Needed

    Thanks! We are good again
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    Pioneer SC75 Resolution Setup Help Needed

    I was exploring my settings today and experimented with the Resolution settings in Video Parameters because something changed. A remote fat finger or family member screw up? I found it set to 480p. I cycled through the 720,1080i, and pure settings (my tv is a 1080i) and got expanded or...
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    Passing Component Through A Receiver?

    I have an Onkyo Receiver (see signature) and it has 2 two sets of component video inputs and one output set. What is the advantage or draw back of routing my Onkyo DVD through the reciever? Right now I only have the DVD player going directly into the TV via component with the audio going...
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    Need suggestion On TV Choice.

    Hi Folks, Long time No See. Well the divorce is in full swing and she gets the 5 year old 53" Hitachi Ultravision. I gotta one-up her! I just cannot decide which one. I have not been keeping up with the times in the TV technology. I need your help. I do want 1080p and I am told LCD is...
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    How do you like your Dahlquist speakers

    You did Good, I went all the way and got a pair of the QX10's, 4 each of the QX6's and a QX60c, as I too have a Infinity 12" SUB. Just wait untill they break in! My Setup: http://users.adelphia.net/~allen22/1Audiopage_3.htm We just get spell bound sometimes at how great these things...
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    Personal review of Dahlquist QX10s (long)

    I have been out for a while and did a search using Dahlquist as the key word. Nice to see the speakers I have being complemented. I too purchased from Marc. Great Experience! I have All Dahlquist in 7.1 HT. All set to large. 2 QX10s' 4 QX6s' 1 QX60c and an old Infinity BU2 12" 200 watt sub...
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    Thinking of replacing our Infinity BU2

    Thank You Gentelmen, I think I'm going in for a factory second or B-Stock SVS unit. I am selling my last setup of 4 each Infinity Sterling Series SS2001s' with matching center and the BU2. A great starter setup for 350.00. I have them setup for auditions and a friend listened and was...
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    Which Cheap Surround in a box would you get?

    A friend who knows I get into my system asks, " I only have 500.00 to spend. I just want surround and to be better than my TV sound. What ould you get?" Anyone have an idea?
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    How do you like your Dahlquist speakers

    I have all Dahlquists'in 7.1. 2- QX10's 4- QX6s and the QX60c Center. Set to large. Went back to small and it did not last 5 minutes.
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    Thinking of replacing our Infinity BU2

    What are some recomendations? I have heard of some BU2's burning up. This has me considering.
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    Dunlavy, I am in love

    I have a Dahlquist center. It is great. The QX60c.
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    Should you really set your floorstanding speakers to large?

    Now this is suggested to me for my specific equipment but the principle is something to ponder. I am no expert and do not want to get between my Audio experts and the AVAI engineers opinions but when I went to ALL large, I too will never go back. I think it is not the dimentions that matter, but...
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    speakers for a newbie

    Shop here. http://www.audioshop.on.ca/ . Talk to Marc. If from US, enjoy the currency exchange. He sells Axiom and Dahlquist among others. Good Luck