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    Center Channel Project finished after nearly a year of work.

    Looks nice, hope it sounds as good as it looks.
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    Speaker construction

    make sure you got a decently powered router too. Those lock miter bits are mighty heavy and it takes some nut to spin them. I almost wished I had something bigger then my PC 960 for my 1/2 shank MLCS lock miter, i did turn the speed down though.
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    Sony receiver not working as a sub amp - help!

    been there done that, now a few less hairs on my head
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    Linkwitz Transform

    i would agree, but also look at the extension of the driver and power on the amp to be sure that you can use a LT.
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    DIY home theater receiver cooling

    i think you should add some fans to that router for when you are surfing the web hardcore :D Sounds like another successful mod, congrats.
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    Frequency tunning.

    so were the simulations you did correct?
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    Frequency tunning.

    you could just give us the alignment of the box and the TS prams of the driver.
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    Small monitor sugestions

    I can def do an active cross over cheaper then a passive one, I have about 30 BB op amps sitting right here i got as free samples. The caps and resistors, even nice ones shouldn't run me more then 50 bucks, wafer board and PS shouldn't be more then 30ish so I am still a head of the game compared...
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    Small monitor sugestions

    my biggest thing is power absorption of passive xo, and there's some things that you just can't do in passive
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    Small monitor sugestions

    benefits of active cross over, plus I have never done it.
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    Just finished some GR Research A/V-1's.............

    they don't know how good they have it, you are one good son.
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    Need some 4 guage banana plugs.

    may i ask why you need 4 gauge wire?
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    Small monitor sugestions

    anyone have a suggestion?
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    Small monitor sugestions

    I am upon my next project. I am looking to build a pair of mini monitors, two way actively crossed. I am looking for extension on the lowend but nothing to big for the enclosure, I know I am asking for best of both worlds but I know there a some ideas out there. I was looking at the Adire...
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    Need some amp suggestions!

    why not look at Crowns DC line? two of the 300s can be had on ebay for around 500 shipped, and will be around 600X2 (4 ohm load I am guessing). Also look at THD of whatever amp you are looking at, even though they are powering subs, no one ever wants distortion. (i am not a big fan of...