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    Anyone interested in Brand new Morel speakers?

    I might be interested in a pair of Morel MDT33s or Supreme 110s. How much would they cost? Thanks Alex Kunec [email protected]
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    FS: GR AV2, Adire HE10.1, Labhorn complete or drivers

    Adire Audio HE10.1: Approx 2 years old, speakers built with baltic birch, and lacquered with semi-gloss. Completed speakers: $250 obo (make an offer, I have to get rid of these). GR-Research AV2 with sonicap upgrade: MDF enclosure, painted black and specklestoned. Will sell complete...
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    Active speakers - using different amps

    Im about to build some active speakers and use a Bryston 4B to power the mids and a adcom to power the tweeter. Now, on linkwitzlabs.com it says "The amplifiers must have identical voltage gains" (for active crossovers). I really doubt that they (Bryston and adcom) do have identical...
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    which capacitor for active crossovers?

    Im about to make a purchase from digikey so i can build some active crossovers. Should I use metallized polypropylene, polyester (mylar) or polypropylene capacitors? Im trying to keep costs down so can i maybe use the metallized polyprops or mylar as bypass caps or bass or something...
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    Tempest HORN LOADED

    I dont know if i agree with u about the DPL12 being ill suited for horn loading. The reason i say this is because the LAB basshorn can use either the eminence lab12 or the adire DPL12.
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    Tempest HORN LOADED

    Its difficult to put an efficiency on a large horn in 1W/1m because it has such a large radiating horn. 1m/1W is accurate in measuring 12in drivers, not a readiating surface of 5 square feet, this is why they use 1W/2m sensitivity. For the labhorn, they measure sensitivity at 16 feet.
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    Kit281 Active Crossovers

    Im just about to build an active xover for my HE10.1s, but i need a little more knowledge on active filters. Whats a good book or website that I should read? I plan on building my xovers with opamps instead of jfets as it would be much easier. You mentioned that jfets are higher fidelity...
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    Getting started with active crossovers

    What op amp should I use? Also what is biasing? Does it only apply when I only have a single polarity p/s?
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    Getting started with active crossovers

    I cant access that website, r u sure its not diyaudio.com?
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    Getting started with active crossovers

    Hi, The latest active crossovers thread inspired me to build some myself. I went to this website and thought that would be perfect for me. $75 for all the parts I need to build and test 2 3 way speakers. However, I emailed the author, and he hasn't responded. So I was gonna put together a kit...
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    DIY speaker builders: Why not go active? (long)

    I just bought a m-audio revolution soundcard. I have preouts for 8 channels. I was just wondering, is there any software out there that can make my computer act as an active crossover? Cause that would be perfect if i could use 1 channel for my tweeter, 1 for midrange, etc.... and adjust xo...
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    Adire HE10.1 crossover mods

    Has anyone ever modified the HE10.1 crossover so that the horn tweeter plays louder? I read a couple years ago of someone that did that now i think i want to. It seems that the high end is alot quieter then most other systems i heard. Someone mentioned modifying a resistor value in it. Thanks
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    Best DIY Speakers

    Has anyone heard of Bruce Edgars Titans? How would they compare to the Orions?
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    Best DIY Speakers

    I was just wondering what you guys think are the best DIY speakers ever? Thanks