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    Impressions of my new JVC DLA-RS1 Front Projector

    Thanks for your thoughts on this unit guys! I have this Lumagen scaler which is providing 1080i to the 8500 currently. It doesn't scale to 1080p, though. There may be an upgrade. Anyway, I suppose I could send my other sources (SD DVD and LD) through that for now. I have comcast HD cable (Still...
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    Impressions of my new JVC DLA-RS1 Front Projector

    Hey Patrick and RAF, I was on that first HTF Hollywood tour as well! Anyway I talked to Dennis at MVS, he said "fortunately" Patrick's RS1 was sent out, "unfortunately" there are none left, but "fortunately" they're expecting more in a few weeks. I think I can wait until then, so I'll be...
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    Impressions of my new JVC DLA-RS1 Front Projector

    I'm considering replacing my E-home 8500 with a much smaller unit. I guess my choices are sony pearl which is available now, wait for new sony units or wait for availability of the RS1. I love the CRT black levels, and I hope these units deliver. Thanks for your review RAF! Does anyone know...
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    Ron's HD DVD Review

    Oh, I'm still on the fence! (I was about going from LD to DVD as well) Great to hear from you Ron! I really appreciate your review, and I'm glad you weren't given a unit, so that you would be able to provide an unbiased review and decision making regarding the purchase. How do your...
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    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Rent

    We watched it tonight. Very enjoyable, though we really loved the broadway show (seen twice) and the album (listened to many times) so we're biased. I wasn't keen on seeing it in the theater after so many mediocre reviews. Its better than I expected, though with the difficulty of translating a...
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    What was your very first DVD?

    Either Air Force One or LA Confidential. I clearly remember when I only had those 2. I also clearly remember the day I decided to "cave in" and buy a DVD, having been a laser disc fanatic!
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    The Sting: Universal Legacy Collection (Recommended)

    I would definitely recommend this movie, its one of the best of all time!! I can't wait to pick up the new addition, its the only movie I purchased in P + S version years ago, because its that great, and I had to have it despite the lack of widescreen version. I was really psyched to see...
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    DVD Review HTF Review: Thunderbirds (2004)

    My six year old son said it was "the best movie he ever saw!", but then again, I haven't played him much of the originals. When pressed, he didn't like it better than the Incredibles, but liked it better than SpongeBob. Just so you know, I agree that kids will really like this movie.
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    NBA Dynasty Series, The Boston Celtics, and Larry Bird a Basketball Legend.

    Although I love the team, and Bird, and the DVD set looked awesome, it was $64 at BB!! I might wait and hope I get it as a gift??
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    Which Apocalypse Now DVD to get?

    I had both versions. I watched Redux, and felt that I wasn't sure about the "additional" stuff, and the pacing.It was long, and I doubt I'd ever watch it again, with the volume of DVDs that I've never watched! I traded my Redux in and kept the original. If they did a special edition, I suppose...
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    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Before Sunset (Recommended).

    My wife loved the movie, but was disappointed with the ending. ...She wanted just a kiss or something to let her know the relationship would be going further. As for me, I knew they wouldn't let it end again...
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    My fullscreen DVD experience for the week.

    I guess I don't quite get it. Why would anyone condone putting out a fullscreen version of Star Wars again?
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    Anyone else get goosebumps just watching the opening credits of 'SUPERMAN'? :-)

    I also have to add that I get goosebumps when I think of the opening to the tv series "Faster than a speeding bullet, etc...fights a never ending battle for truth, justice and the American Way!" I would just love to get that on DVD!!
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    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: The Butterfly Effect

    A great movie. Dark and disturbing with a lot of possible interpretations. A good job by Kutcher. I only watched the DC, but I'm going back for the theatrical ending and commentary. The extra feature discussions about time travel movies was a waste.
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    What's the last TV DVD/Blu-ray you bought?

    Freaks and Geeks 24 second season Jonny Quest Curb Your Enthusiasm season 2 Can't wait for Alias season 3