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I have built a Box Office, Museum, and Home Theater with 5.1 Stereo wall/ceiling audio system. I have a Vizio 80 inch TV with passive 3D. I have an all region DVD and Blu Ray player. A Playstation, XBox, VHS (cuz I am old school!!!) player. I can also attach older game systems like Sega CD. I love movies but I love all the extras more: pressbooks, posters, gimmics, exploitation materials, books, and of course lots and lots of movie special edition boxes. Many of them I create myself. The box office is built out of wood (even the marble-like counter top). I am currently working on a hidden wall behind a Raiders of the Lost Ark temple wall that will be hiding my Grindhouse collection of all that wacky crap that our parents used to yell at us about when we brought it home!!! Yeah, I am a 54 year old that never grew up. Hope you enjoy the photos! Please email me if you would like to see something closer. Check it out...some of the best parts of this were ideas from my lovely wife! I am also about to start uploading videos of my media room on YouTube. My YouTube ID is jnequest99. I am shooting to have those up by end of October. Please enjoy the photos. I want to share my love of film and everything film related with everyone.
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