Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Home Theater Forum is a place where those who enjoy watching movies in their homes can discuss all aspects of (re-)presenting films the best way they can. These discussions concern the film art itself, its products as well as the technical ways to create a theater-like experience inside a home.

We the members of the forum are interested in the film product to be recorded and reproduced as closely as possible to the way the original creator(s) of that particular film intended. We respect the integrity of all artists involved in creating the original film as well as those who helped bringing the product to a form suited to be used in a home theater environment.

The main goals of the discussions on the Home Theater Forum are to learn and to share: to learn more about the cinematographic art-form and the best techniques to present the films, and to share our knowledge with anyone who sincerely wants to benefit from the knowledge of his or her fellow members.

Discussions on this forum are polite, cordial and respectful. We do not hesitate to express our opinion on matters involved, knowing other members may or may not share those opinions. We will always respect opinions of other members, even if we do not share a particular opinion ourselves. We will not verbally attack other members in a personal way, but instead try to contribute to the common knowledge about, and understanding of all applicable topics discussed.

Currently we acknowledge UHD, Blu-ray and DVD as the main, most advanced and most important media for films and TV shows to be (re-)presented in our homes. We certainly will not exclude other suitable media including streaming from our discussions, however. We strive for the highest achievable quality (video and sound) to be recorded on disc, to be sold and/or rented in a form free for consumers to use in their homes. We want to advance films and TV shows to be represented as complete as possible and with their full image and soundtrack, as intended by the original creators, intact. We want the best soundstage obtainable in a home environment.

We strive for as many films and TV shows as possible to be available on such high quality discs for both sale and rent. Therefore, we loathe infringements on author rights and oppose the existence, promotion and sale of bootlegged and other infringing product.

We like others to take pleasure in what they apparently do like. We will never post with the sole intention to spoil other's pleasure. On this Forum, we want to feel at home and make each other feel at home.

In summary:

  • We're about community. We are a like-minded but diverse group of individuals who share a common passion for all things relating to Home Theater.
  • We're about movies. Our goal is to enjoy the movie-going experience at home, without sacrificing artistic integrity. We expect the original film and sound formats to be preserved on home video, and embrace the home video formats (like DVD) that allow this to be possible.
  • We're about hardware. Do you have the latest new piece of equipment out on the market? Do you want to compare your products against others? Do you want to ask information on a product before making that big purchase? Here is the place to do so and more.
  • We're about courtesy. We are not a "no holds barred" news group. You are expected to conduct yourself in a courteous and professional manner on Home Theater Forum. Administrative staff works 24/7 to ensure this.
  • We're about family. You are as likely to read about someone's new baby, job, or house as you are their new satellite dish, television, or DVD purchase. We have designated areas where you can talk about a wide range of topics. But our focus is--and always will be--Home Theater.