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You're not even supposed to be here today. 4 Stars

The Clerks / Clerks 2 Convenience Store clerks Randall (Jeff Anderson) and Dante (Brian O’Halloran) have, unexpectedly, gotten old.  Sure, now they are owners of the Quick Stop, but more has stayed the same in their lives than has changed.  They are both still single (tho Dante is now a widower, with Becky (Rosario Dawson) having died between films). They are still obsessed with movies, sports, and pop culture.  And they are still surrounded by New Jersey wackos (trust me, these characters have nothing on the real central NJ weirdos) including Jay (Jay Mewes), Silent Bob (Kevin Smith), Elias (Trevor Fehrman) and more.  Jay and Silent Bob have graduated from selling street drugs to go legit, owning a dispensary next door. Fate intervenes in the banality of Randall’s life by hitting him with a ‘widow maker’ heart attack, giving him new perspective and a desire to make movies instead of just watching them.  With Dante producing, and Silent Bob (!) directing, they begin production of “Inconvenience”, paralleling the original Clerks and recreating many of the scenes shot for shot. As production continues tho their friendship begins to falter, with Randall’s obsession and ego spiraling out of control.

Clerks III (2022)
Released: 16 Sep 2022
Rated: R
Runtime: 100 min
Director: Kevin Smith
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Cast: Brian O'Halloran, Jeff Anderson, Vincent Pereira
Writer(s): Kevin Smith
Plot: Dante, Elias, and Jay and Silent Bob are enlisted by Randal after a heart attack to make a movie about the convenience store that started it all.
IMDB rating: 6.4
MetaScore: 50

Disc Information
Studio: Lionsgate
Distributed By: N/A
Video Resolution: 1080P/AVC
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
Audio: Dolby Atmos
Subtitles: English SDH, Spanish
Rating: R
Run Time: 115 Min.
Package Includes: Blu-ray, Digital Copy
Case Type: Keep case
Disc Type: BD50 (dual layer)
Region: A
Release Date: 12/6/2022
MSRP: $22.99

The Production: 4.5/5

Tom Wolfe famously said “You can’t go home again” but if there is any artist who makes a lie of that it is Kevin Smith.  Leveraging his own life experiences including a heart attack, marriage and growing up, Smith imagines his alter egos following some of his own trails.  Much has been made of Clerk 3’s “fan service”, and yes there are more call backs, remakes, revisions and echos here than any other film I can think of (Thanks for revisiting Posten’s funeral home in Atlantic Highlands Kevin! My family no longer owns it but we are still very proud of it and seeing it in your films brings a smile). I wasn’t bothered by these repeats at all, they felt more like an encore than a rip-off.

And Jersey does weird.  We always have.  30 years later and weird characters are even weirder than they were the first time around.  And the weird starts to seep into other pockets too, witness Elias’ transformations throughout Clerks 3 and the introduction of new weirdness like Blockchain Coltrane (Austin Zajur) and the embracing of 2020s weird like NFTs and legal drugs. Nobody can highlight Jersey’s weirdness like Smith and still do it with love, not mocking.

But it’s the heart (no pun) within the characters that elevates Clerks 3 above the irreverent banter and pop culture references. Randall and Dante have been through a ton in their lives and are lucky enough to have each other as best friends.  It might take a few trips to the hospital to get them to recognize how special they are to each other, but it’s always been there.

Video: 4/5

3D Rating: NA

Per DP Learan Kahanov “Our main camera body was the Red Ranger (with Monstro chip), and our B cam was the Red Weapon (DSCM2).”

DP Chat: Learan Kahanov on Shooting Kevin Smith’s Clerks III

Based on the upgrades to video capture and coloring, Clerks 3 is the sharpest and most colorful of the series by far. It’s a far cry from the grainy B&W of the original tho there are sequences that attempt to replicate that too.  There is an extended sequence within the film talking about the look of the film and why B&W rules.

Overall for a lower budget national release Clerks 3 looks great without being on the cutting edge.


Audio: 4/5

Dialogue heavy with a few pushes of stereo music into the sides and rears makes Atmos a bit of overkill here, but it’s still appreciated.  Dialogue is crisp, clean and fun, and the song choices are always on point. Miss Sally Walk and Just Breathe really hit gut punches.


Special Features: 5/5

If you are a View Askew / Kevin Smith fam… THIS is the disk you have been waiting for.  You’ll spend hours digging through it all.  And every character gets their shot in the spotlight.

  • Audio Commentary with Writer/Director Kevin Smith, Actors Brian O’Halloran, Jeff Anderson, Trevor Fehrman and Austin Zajur
  • The Clerks III Documentary
  • We’re Not Even Supposed To Be Here Today: 3 Decades of Clerks Documentary
  • Deleted and Alternate Scenes

Overall: 4/5

At times hilarious, nostalgic, loving, and tragic Clerks 3 is more than just a collection of Smith’s greatest hits, it’s the culmination and perhaps capstone of the Quick Stop epoch.  And we haven’t even mentioned the parts played by Jay and Silent Bob, Dante’s mourning of Becky, or new perspectives on old arguments like the building services Storm Troopers are expected to provide. Personally I found a lot to love here and it hit me in the feels way deeper than I expected from a Clerks film.  The truth is Smith has matured as an artist, plus the tools he has to work with are more mainstream and his cadre of cast and crew have grown too. There’s not much more to say than that is entirely satisfying and gratifying to see, both as someone from the area and who has been cheering for his success from the start.

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Sam Posten


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Ronald Epstein

Senior HTF Member
Jul 3, 1997
Real Name
Ronald Epstein
Anyone pick this one up?

I watched it digitally yesterday.

I am not a Kevin Smith fan. I rarely find his movies even remotely humorous. CHASING AMY was perhaps his greatest effort, in my opinion.

Clerks III, for me, was pretty bad all around. Justin Long's cameo was cringe-worthy.

Still, I have to give Smith credit for providing a rather sweet way to end his trilogy with a nice tribute. And, of course, it's nice to see many of the film locations that are a mere mile from my home.
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Sam Favate

Senior HTF Member
Feb 3, 2004
Real Name
Sam Favate
I did. I thought this was Smith’s most mature film. I know that’s not saying a lot, given his sophomoric humor, but this was different. It wasn’t what I expected and that was good. Legit work by O’Halloran and Anderson.

I recently rewatched Chasing Amy and I found my opinion changed a lot. Where I once thought it was one of his best, I now cringed at the script and the choices it made.


Senior HTF Member
May 3, 2008
Real Name
Not yet but I plan to pick up a copy at some point as I'm somewhat a fan of most of Smith's work and enjoy the Clerks series of films...

The one I most regret not getting on BR is Dogma, my favorite film from his body of work (I *do* have a DVD copy so...). Don't much care for Tusk and I've never seen Chasing Amy (it's a rom/com - and I tend to avoid those) but recently purchased a copy (was in a 3 pack with Clerks and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back) so it'll get watched at some point.


Senior HTF Member
Jul 3, 2005
I love the message from Kevin Smith at the beginning of the disc thanking fans for buying it, and why it matters.

He gets it. He is one of us!!