Clarus is a “sister” company to Tributaries A/V cables and is introducing new versions of its AQUA Cables, starting at $570 for a 1m pair, and available from today. The new line of AQUA Mark II cables include Balanced Audio, Single-Ended RCA Audio and Speaker variants, all of which comprise a multi-gauge design using three different-shaped insulated ultra-low distortion PCOCC conductors. The cables are terminated with connectors made of “high purity and high conductivity” Tellurium (TE) copper for low resistance and improved sound.

The company says that the male pins of the RCA and XLR have been changed from a solid to hollow design, which should reduce eddy currents capable of slowing a signal transfer. The female XLR has been designed with the earth pin forward in the connector, reducing possible induction of hum or buzz, while rounding sleeves, banana plugs and female XLRs, are made from “military-grade” Beryllium copper.

Clarus’s “Spring-Tension” spade lugs are a one-piece construction that promise to reduce transmission resistance and improve signal flow while the spring tension itself ensures a high-integrity connection. Spade lugs can be difficult to tighten by hand which can lead to bad contacts and the company’s claimed superior terminations are considered to result in improved sound and longer-term reliability.

The engineer behind the Clarus and Tributaries developments is Jay Victor, the holder of 50 patents, and also an accomplished musician. He was formerly a mechanical design engineer for X-Ray cables and harnesses, as well as test instrumentation.

Retail pricing for the new Clarus range: AQUA 1m Single-Ended RCA $570/pr; AQUA 1m Balanced Audio XLR $960/pr; AQUA 6ft Speaker Cable with Spade Lugs $1820/pr; AQUA 6ft Speaker Cable with BFA 1820/pr; AQUA 6ft Bi-Wire Cable with Spade Lugs $2200/pr; AQUA 6ft Bi-Wire Cable with BFA $2200/pr.

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Martin Dew