Charlie’s Angels: The Complete Series (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

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  1. Bryan^H

    The week of launch it will most likely be $70 at Amazon, with a price of under $50 a few months after.

    I might consider biting for that price, under $50, and give my son the complete set of DVD's I have. He's been watching it on Me-TV some. I figure he'd like that.

  2. sjbradford

    I would like them to digitally remove Shelley Hack and then I’ll buy it.

    She grew on me about halfway through the 4th season. I dreaded watching S4 because of her as I "seemed to remember" how bad she was from watching reruns. Let's look at it this way: she replaced a fan favorite in Kate Jackson. Replacements are hardly ever looked upon as good. When Coy and Vance replaced Bo and Luke, yeah, nobody was thrilled with that. Had Shelley been there originally, people might feel different. If she had been given another season to develop her character, she might be looked at more favorably. Tanya Roberts, for me, was the weak spot. She was easy on the eyes, but her acting left much to be desired, plus the plots were getting thin by S5.

  3. I will agree that Tanya was worse than Shelley (though I thought Tanya was great in That 70s Show). Part of the problem with Shelley was that the producers started doing episodes that season that focused on a single Angel, rather than the three of them working a case together. So Shelley didn’t have as much of a chance to develop chemistry with the others. I still thought she was an odd choice, though.

  4. Randy Korstick

    Watch Tanya Roberts performance in the James Bond Movie A View to a Kill if you want an example of some of the worst acting and flaunting at the camera ever filmed.

    It's sounds like you haven't seen this "treasure" 😉

    Amazingly she could do this…

    But say lines convincingly … not so much :emoji_poop:

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