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The Accountant UHD Review

The Accountant tries to tell an interesting story about a man with asperger’s syndrome (high-functioning autism) who is hired by drug cartels and crime syndicates to uncook their books and find missing money, and due to the high risks involved has also learned to be an expert assassin in order […]

The Light Between Oceans Blu-ray Review

An emotional melodrama that will move you just as quickly to anger as it will to tears, Derek Cianfance’s The Light Between Oceans is a beautifully made but dramatically unsteady movie of the old school. Be our first to commentThe thread view count is 56

Pan’s Labyrinth Blu-Ray Review

The dark and magical originality of Guillermo del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth is most deserving of its continued praise and popularity. A labor of love that saw del Toro waive his directorial fee and other remunerations to protect realization of his vision. That unbridled passion and uncompromised dedication to vision is […]