Cambridge Audio has today announced that its Azur 851N network audio player now includes integration of Roon’s high-resolution streaming and music management technology.

The UK-based company added, “With over 50 years of experience creating audio equipment, Cambridge Audio has always understood that its customers enjoy listening to their music collections in a variety of different ways. The addition of Roon Ready integration expands upon the wealth of options already offered by the 851N streamer.”

Following the Roon Ready updates for the Edge NQ and CXN (V2) back in March of this year, a software update is now available for the 851N featuring the music management technology. Once the product is updated, Roon will discover it on the network, deliver “the highest possible quality audio” and allow volume control from the Roon user interface.

Roon Ready certification means the 851N network audio streamer will discover and connect to Roon without any additional configuration.

The $1,499 Azur 851N enables the steaming of almost all file types, and music tracks are put through Cambridge Audio’s second-gen ‘Adaptive Time Filtering’ for up-sampling content to 24bit/384kHz hi-res output, whatever the original source. The company says that this means jitter is almost completely eliminated and that the music sounds “amazing.”

You can find out more from Cambridge Audio.


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Martin Dew