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Should I buy 4k disks?

I have a UHD HDR 3D player (Oppo 203) but my TV is a Viera ST60 [ last 3D plasma from about 2013 ]. Since I’m retired I will probably not upgrade my main TV for a while (maybe 5 years). I’ve gotten several 4K disks in the past — 4K/3D combos of Ghostbusters. Passengers, Guardians 2, and a couple of 4K only when the price difference was minimal — typically black friday specials when the 4K was 12.99 and the regular was 10.99. But now I’m wondering what should be my strategy with forthcoming purchases. How much more should I be willing to pay for stuff that I essentially can’t use for several years (assuming that I don’t upgrade our bedroom TV). At the moment I’m still buying 3D over 4K if no combo is available and buying the combo if it is and I want the movie.

Kevin Collins :