Entrepreneur Kiana Thomas has teamed up with leading mobile app creators The Appineers to create Binge Buddy, an app which helps you keep track of when and where TV shows are being aired. The app is now available on both iOS and Google Play stores. Thomas’ vision for Binge Buddy came about after realizing how much she enjoyed watching TV. However, more times than not, she found herself constantly losing track of when her shows aired (and returned for new seasons), as well as where they were in the show/story. Binge Buddy allows users to solve those problems by searching for a show or movie to find out how many seasons have aired and where to stream them.

“I made a spreadsheet for friends and family in need of a new show to watch and where to watch them all,” said Thomas, “but realized an app would be so much easier.”

The app’s appeal reportedly relies on a number of key features, including an ability to allow a user to browse through trending shows, search for specific titles and add to favorites for later viewing, mark off movies or TV show episodes already finished, and get notified when existing shows have a new episode premiering. You can also see on what channel or streaming platform the shows are available to watch. The idea is here that you shouldn’t have to reach out to friends for recommendations and consequently lose track of what you want to see.

“I used to have my movies-to-watch list in a note in my phone, but Binge Buddy has filled that need for me now,” added Thomas. “It helps me keep track of every show or movie I’ve either watched or want to watch, and I get a sense of accomplishment every time I check off a finished episode!”

You can read more about the Binge Buddy app here, as well as see how it works with accompanying videos etc.

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Martin Dew