Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie rewatch

3 Stars

Started my rewatch of bewitched and Jeannie today definitely prefer these early B&W episodes of both, especially bewitched, like that you got more of darrin snoozing and drinking they are definitely more adult than the series became after they had kids, although those had highlights with Aunt Clara , Doctor Bombay etc, and of course Dick York is Darrin

Just comparing comedy while both are fantasy’s Bewitched is still more romantic comedy, being based off the movie I Married a witch, than Jeannie where the comedy is more broad. As far as co-stars while Bewitched had the awesome Agnes Morehead, Jeannie scored better co-stars in Bill Daily and Hayden Rourke, both still finding their characters, but great never the less.

The pilot of Bewitched was produced by Danny Arnold who would go onto Create Barney Miller

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