Clearly not targeted so much at dark room film buffs, BenQ America Corp. has announced the TK800 Home Entertainment DLP projector which, we are assured, will deliver 4K UHD sports action and movies in ‘well-lit’ living or media rooms with ‘high visual brightness’ and ‘balanced color performance’. In fact, BenQ claims that the unit has been built to ‘showcase the world’s greatest sporting events’.  The PJ includes what the company describes as ‘breathtaking’ picture quality, customer audio/video modes, and easy setup with modern style.

The TK800 is the second true 4K (3840 x 2160) UHD-resolution projector to be launched by BenQ in 2018, following the announcement of the 2,200-lumen HT2550 back in January. With 8.3 million distinct pixels and using HDR to enhance brightness and contrast, the TK800’s new 4K RGBW color wheel achieves 92% of Rec.709 color gamut with 3,000 lumens of brightness, making the PJ ideal for bright living environments and backyard parties.

With dedicated ‘Football’ and ‘Sports’ modes, the company claims that the former preserves natural skin tones and green grass, while the latter enhances wood tones, realistic skin shades, vivid reds, and balanced green and blues.

A CinemaMaster Audio+ 2 inbuilt sound system has been upgraded to incorporate a wider frequency range and 5-watt power, using an aluminum driver diaphragm and ‘resonant sound chambers’ for delicate details, vocals and bass. BenQ claims that the unit exhibits a sleek and compact profile which can easily fit in with any décor simply and conveniently. Ease of placement is augmented by a 1.2X zoom and automatic keystone correction.

Powered by ‘infinitely durable’ Oscar-winning Digital Light Processing technology, the TK800 should deliver long-lasting picture quality with precise colors and razor-sharp clarity without maintenance or degradation, according to BenQ.

The TK800 is the second 4K HDR projector to be announced in as many days boasting a very manageable price point of less than $1,500, or $1,499 to be precise, with the first coming from Optoma. If any of you are die-hard sports fans taking an occasional break from basking in your darkened dens, let us know, but I suspect this new offering from BenQ will find more friends on other platforms.

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So I'm guessing a few members here might be really interested in this...

BenQ is taking submissions for someone to review their latest projector: the TK800! They ask that you submit pictures of your room as the TK800 is intended for use in living rooms / media rooms where light will be present. If you're interested follow the link below:


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Hope those selected can check the 3D. Not thrilled with what I've been hearing on the brightness front with the 2550.
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