Beatles Sgt. Pepper in Dolby Atmos available to stream

The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album will be presented in Dolby Atmos at various showtimes in Liverpool in the UK at Royal Albert Dock up until January 9th, but unfortunately if you’re on that side of the pond, the free event is sold out! However, the good news is you can get a chance to hear the recordings wherever you are because they’ll be streamed in Dolby Atmos via Amazon Echo Studio and Amazon Music HD, with further services to follow in 2020.

The event itself has been organized by Tate Liverpool and National Museums Liverpool, with help from both The Beatles promoters and Dolby Laboratories. The immersive experience will be presented daily at the Dr Martin Luther King Jr Building at the Royal Albert Dock Liverpool. The remixed album promises to make attendees at the experience feel like the band is “peforming live in the space.”

Giles Martin, son of Beatles producer George Martin, who created this mix of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band from original tapes said, “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band is one of the most important and ground-breaking albums of all time. In many ways it changed how records could be made. The Beatles stopped just simply making music and started painting pictures with sounds that hadn’t been heard before. Experiencing this Dolby Atmos mix allows us to fall into the record and to totally immerse ourselves in the fantastical world that was so beautifully created at Abbey Road Studios over 50 years ago.”

Much of the subtlety in The Beatles’s music was lost in the original mixes due to the technological limitations of the time. Stereo and 5.1 mixes have improved the sound over the years but “the astonishing clarity” of the special mix, played in Dolby Atmos, promises to bring to life the nuance and innovation that the band brought to the album in 1967. Dolby suggests listening to the new mix with headphones if you’re planning to stream…


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  1. meli

    Why would Doby recommend listening to an Atmos mix on (presumably 2-channel) headphones? How about listening on a 5.1.4 Atmos system?

    Yes this, you don't promote your new Atmos mix by telling people to listen with headphones.

  2. Dolby is likely recommending headphones because the fact is today there is probably no effective way to bitstream Atmos from any of the currently supported devices on the Amazon Music platform although possibly with some kind of wired connection from one of the supported mobile devices to an AV receiver. You have to use a DAC on a PC to get the high def Amazon Music HD and UHD content using the app on that platform so I don’t see how that could work for bitstreaming Atmos. Amazon calls/labels Atmos content ‘3D’ which again is almost certainly not supported on the PC app and therefore likely won’t show up in searches/browsing etc. On the Android side the Nvidia Shield TV seems like a likely candidate since it can bitstream Atmos to AV receivers but it seems the native Amazon app doesn’t currently support the HD and UHD content let alone ‘3D’ content (lots of finger pointing between Amazon and Nvidia there). It may be possible to ‘sideload’ the Amazon Music mobile app on the Shield. The mobile app does apparently support the HD/UHD Amazon Music content but I don’t know if it supports the 3D content. In general the Amazon HD Music service is in it’s infancy and rife with issues in general currently for audiophiles attempting to use it seriously today.

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