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Vertere Acoustics has announced that its new-generation digital Tempo motor drive has now started shipping. The drive is expected to sell with the company’s SG-1 and RG-1 turntables with SG-1 tonearms. Vertere emphasizes that the energy of music from vinyl records literally comes from the motor because it “drives the record past the stylus.” This can affect detail, dynamics, timbre and timing, according to founder, Touraj Moghaddam.

The Tempo drive (MSRP $3,995) controls the record player motor which the company claims leads to a “smoother drive with lower noise and lower distortion.” Its internal circuit is microprocessor-based and provides a pure sine wave in the digital domain, converted to analogue via an onboard DAC. Two waveforms are derived, a cosine and a sine, amplified using two bridged amplifiers to power the motor. The net result – when combined with the RG-1 or SG-1 turntables – promises to deliver a vinyl listening experience closer to the original master.

High-end home theater processor maker, Trinnov, says it has completed its lineup of adopted home automation drivers for its products with the release of the fully certified Crestron Home driver by the company’s partner, Janus Technology. The driver is available free of charge but will require a call to your dealer.

David Meyerowitz, Technical Sales Manager EU Trinnov Audio elaborates, “We have been working with Janus Technology for a number of years now. We believe this is the best way to provide the most reliable and fully featured drivers for our dealers. Trinnov Audio is primarily a software company yes, but we concede that automation is a specialist field. Therefore, we turn to Richard Caton and his team of engineers to provide the development and support for these drivers. They provide many drivers for many manufacturers so are ideally positioned to provide these services for us and allow us to use our precious R&D resources to concentrate on what we know best.”

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