Anthem Electronics has announced the launch of ARC Genesis, the third generation of its Anthem Room Correction (ARC) software. It is available free-of-charge from, and the proprietary digital signal processing technology works with compatible 2-channel and home theater products to offer advanced measurement functions, acoustic correction algorithms, user-configurable target curve customization, a more streamlined user interface, and support for both Mac and Windows.

Anthem says the goal of ARC is to help consumers “achieve perfect sound at home” and is specifically designed to make operability easier for home users without requiring an “engineering degree” in the process. Home users can customize their own settings, but results will reflect what one would expect from software and hardware costing what they do. When used with compatible receivers, processors, and preamplifiers with built-in bass management functions, ARC Genesis analyzes the frequency response of speakers and subwoofers to calculate and upload custom high-pass and low-pass filter settings, which the company claims ensure natural-sounding levels of deep, blended bass throughout an audio system.

Anthem has developed ARC Genesis by using research provided by the National Research Council of Canada (NRC). Their findings concerning replicating audio-lab measurements in home environments has allowed the company to develop a system to process the acoustic performance of speakers and the adverse sonic effects of a listening space, which can be affected by size and shape of room, construction, furnishings, and other factors resulting in standing waves, resonances, and reflections. By using the company’s own algorithms, ARC Genesis can create custom correction curves that retain favorable acoustic signatures of speakers and remove negative room contributions. These filters are then used to program high-quality DSP technologies embedded within compatible audio products.

ARC Genesis also “understands” how room boundaries reinforce low-frequencies, or room gain, and automatically incorporates these contributions to retain deep and natural bass and mid-bass. You can learn more about, and get a list of the new features of, third-gen Genesis ARC at or click here.

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