Following on from our piece last week concerning the value of laser discs on the used market, secondhand electronics and software valuation website Flipsy is now asking what is the world’s most valuable VHS tape? The company asks, for example, whether an original copy of Halloween on VHS can be worth hundreds of dollars? The answer to that is a resounding ‘yes’. You might find some revealing info about your old Disney tapes, pro wrestling and music VHS titles too, and Flipsy has included Betamax in the mix.

The website says it has interviewed top experts to find out how much the world’s most valuable VHS and Betamax tapes are worth, and how to find the specific values of those titles and where you can sell them. The resource is designed to help hobbyists, collectors and film lovers find out the value of their tapes, whether you might be planning to hold on to them or are thinking about cashing in.

Dan Kinem, co-director of a documentary film known as ‘Adjust Your Tracking’ asserts that many collectors agree the most valuable VHS tape in the world is  Tales from the QuadeaD Zone in its alternative cover clamshell release.

“Most VHS collectors know about this movie and really want a copy, but I’ve only ever seen two copies in my life,” says Kinem, who purchased both of those copies. One he kept for his collection; the other, he sold for $3,500. “If another copy ever pops up, which is unlikely, it will go for an insane amount,” he says.

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Just as last time, Flipsy would also be interested if you have anything to add to the article, as they would like to include it.



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