American Dad, 9-11 – Dedication?

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I know there’s nothing above parody on this show, so I wonder whether the dedication at the end of this episode was for real. If a member of their crew had in fact met with an untimely death, would they have done it any other way? I don’t think so. But then if it was a joke, they would have played it the same way.

So does anyone know if the dedication was real? Or was it just a humorous call-back to Klaus’s voice-over commentary of the fight scene? If it is real, I’ll feel bad since a young member of a crew of a show I like is no longer with us. But if the dedication is fake, then I’ll feel bad for feeling bad.

I checked the credits but didn’t spot his name anywhere.

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  1. Yeah, but terrorism was fair game before he was nearly killed. It was apparently OK to do an Osama bin Laden joke back before 9/11 when he had "only" commited acts of atrocity such as the U.S. Embassy bombings in Africa. The moral of the story? Terrorism that effects MacFarlane directly: off-limits and tragic. Terrorism that doesn't directly effect Seth MacFarlane: "comedy gold". Any attempt to play tribute to the victim of a terrorist act after trivializing bin Laden's previous crimes only makes MacFarlane look hypocritical and insincere.

  2. …And in comes Bill GrandPre on cue with the Mcfarlane bashing.

    I thought you would use the FG episode "Petoria" when he invites such despots as Saddam Hussain and Fidel Castro to a pool party. Again, for someone who hates him so, you know so much. And that scene isn't even on the boxed set DVD's.

    And considering the nature of American Dad, terrorism is STILL fair game. Let him give tribute to his staff in peace. (if true)

  3. You guys didn't see the episode, did you?

    I see I should have made myself clearer.

    Although the episode in question aired on Sept 11, 2005 (yesterday, as of this writing), the dedication had nothing to do with 9-11 or terrorism.

    Rather, the dedication at the end was: "In loving memory of Trahn 'Jimmy' Ng", with a short (cartoon) behind-the-scenes video of him with the cast and crew of the show. During the fight scene, Klaus mentioned that Mr. Ng was killed in a car accident on his way to the studio, so they had to scramble to get a substitute to take his place as an extra in the background.

    Notwithstanding the fact that cartoon character extras with no lines don't need understudies (that's the joke, btw), the dedication to Mr. Ng's memory at the end seemed sincere, very touching, and affectionate.

    My question is this: Was Mr. Ng a real person; was his life tragically (and recently — not in 2001) cut short; and did the crew fondly send him up with — what else? — a send-up?

  4. You obviously didn't see the episode, so why are you even posting? I hate these damn threadcraps. Waste of time and brain cells.

    The dedication to which Brian referred had nothing to do with terrorism and the 9-11 in the thread title simple refers to the date on which the program aired.

    Brian, I think the dedication was a joke and the there was no Mr. Ng. They were just sending up DVD commentary tracks.

  5. I searched IMDB and Google. I got no hits for "Trahn Ng" or "Jimmy Ng" on IMDB. Google didn't give me any hits for "Trahn Ng", and a zillion for "Jimmy Ng". I tried to narrow my search with "Fox" and "American Dad", but then the hits dropped to zero again.

    The closest thing I found was a young trooper (Jimmy Ng) who was killed September 15, 2002, when street racers smashed into his patrol car.

    Too long ago, and not related to American Dad.

    But then, if Mr. Ng had been a minor (albeit well-liked) member of the crew, I wouldn't expext his name to turn up anywhere.

  6. I also wondered if the dedication (and thus the reference in the show) was for someone real, but the the way they did the "off-camera" characters made me think it was probably just another joke meant to reference the earlier on in the show.

  7. Well, in spite of what the dedication was about (I just figured it was a joke about the earlier reference) I thought it was a pretty good episode. It may have even beaten out that night's episode of "Family Guy" for laughs.

    "Do you have any Gatorade? I left all my electrolytes with your daughter"

    "Oh come on Haley, I'm hungry. I've just been riden like an animal by this guy for three hours, you don't know what that's like"

    Haley, raises eyebrows

    "Well I'm not hungry now!"

  8. The dedication, IMO, looks authentic. During the fight, I thought it was meant as a joke, but the end animation sequence contained characters not seen in Family or American Dad, which makes me believe that they are real life people animated.

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