Amazon Prime Supports Dolby Atmos Streaming August 31st

According to Forbes magazine this week, Amazon will be supporting Dolby Atmos from August 31st with its first original show to include the format, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan. Dolby Atmos is already supported on other streaming platform services, such as iTunes/Apple TV, VUDU, Netflix and Rakuten,  so it appears to be a no-brainer that Amazon would also follow suit, although late to the table.

Both the Fire TV and Fire TV Cube boxes will be ready to stream Dolby Atmos in time for the Jack Ryan release, although there is no confirmation yet that third-party object-based audio gear like LG’s Atmos TVs and Xbox One consoles will be, according to Forbes. It is believed that such support will appear in time.

Not surprisingly, the version of Dolby Atmos carried by Amazon Prime and the other mentioned streaming services is the ‘lossy’ type, and not the bit-for-bit perfection you’ll get from your Blu-ray and UHD shiny disc collection. However, fans of object-based audio and skyward effects on their favorite movies and TV shows presumably won’t be disappointed by this announcement.

There’s no further information about what titles are slated for release in the format by Amazon, but we can assume a high-profile line-up is in the works. This is all the intelligence that’s public at the moment, but please offer your comments below if you have anything to add, or have learnt more about the announcement.


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  1. Scott Merryfield

    Hopefully this gets added to the apps for Apple TV and Roku eventually. I have no desire to buy an Amazon streaming player — I do not need yet another way to stream.

    I have a similar complaint with Netflix – very limited choice on display or devices, and then that list never grows or changes.

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