A few words about…™ The Whirlpool – in Blu-ray

4 Stars

Together agin, for the first time!

Preminger, and Tierney.

And they’d rejoin the future.

But for this 1949 enterprise, things never jelled for me. It’s a long way from Laura.

Regardless, the talents brought together here are worth a look, as added to the mix are Jose Ferrer, Charles Bickford and Barbara O’Neil, along with the screenplay by Ben Hecht, and with a score by David Raksin.

Twilight Time’s new Blu-ray is a quality affair. Beautifully rendered in black & white by Arthur C. Miller.

Image – 4.75

Audio – 5

Upgrade from DVD – yes

Pass / Fail – Pass


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Robert Harris



  1. Yep, always found this one a real let-down after Laura. Being a realist, and not expecting anything to 'be' like Laura, I went into it merely hoping for a really good story expertly told. What I found was a lot of corn and very little substance, with Tierney somehow very artificial this time out. I don't think either she or Preminger were served well by the screenplay. Glad to hear the Blu-ray at least looks good. Still, second-tier Preminger and third-tier Tierney in my opinion. Not good. Worth a glance, but not much else.

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